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The app for your road trip through America

You are finally going to make that dream road trip through America. Rental car? Check. Snacks on the go? Check? Travel Guide? Nah ...ย then this app is a handy tour guide for you.   The new app Just Ahead turns your smartphone into your own guide for the most beautiful national parks in America. The… Continue reading The app for your road trip through America

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Everything about backpacking through America

Those who think about backpacking, think mainly of Australia, Asia and South America. Backpacking in Europe is increasingly being done, but is not a standard backpack destination. But backpacking in America? You do not hear anyone about that. Still, backpacking in America is very possible, it is only a little less obvious. And okay, maybe… Continue reading Everything about backpacking through America

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Yellowstone National Park | America | Sightseeings

One of the most beautiful national parks in North America is the Yellowstone national park. Yellowstone can be found throughout the states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. The park consists mainly of the eponymous volcano Yellowstone, which is expected to erupt at any moment. Yellowstone national park is the oldest national park in the world… Continue reading Yellowstone National Park | America | Sightseeings