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Bringing medicine to America

Do you want to bring your medicine to America? That is possible, however, if you use medication and have to take it with you on holiday, it is advisable to ask your pharmacy or general practitioner for a medicine passport. Medication passport It describes in the English language which medicines you use and indicated that… Continue reading Bringing medicine to America

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Taking luggage to America | Conditions and Information

Taking luggage to America; For all flight companies flying to North America there are special conditions regarding the amount of baggage that you as a traveler can take to America. Conditions and Information You can only carry one (1) suitcase in the hold baggage with most companies. The volume of the case (length + width… Continue reading Taking luggage to America | Conditions and Information

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Tips in America | How much do you actually give?

In the US, giving tips is a theme that tourists sometimes run into. Why are tips so important and how much do we need to tip? This does not have to be difficult if you know what is generally expected with tips in America Giving tips in America, how much do you actually give? Why… Continue reading Tips in America | How much do you actually give?

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Money and how to Pay in the United States

Pay in the United States, how about that? What is the currency? On this page you will find everything about paying in the United States. The dollar is the national currency of the United States (US $). This is divided into hundred dollar cents, also known as cents or pennies. The following currencies are also… Continue reading Money and how to Pay in the United States

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First time to America | Read these tips…

People who go to America for the first time are often mistaken in distances and driving times and sights. There is also much unknown in the big country. So are you going for the first time? Read these tips for traveling in America! Incidentally, we think that not only people who go to America for… Continue reading First time to America | Read these tips…

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Checklist for your trip to America

The Dream Travel 2 America team has a carefully compiled checklist. You can use this freely. There is more than enough on the checklist. Make carefully what you want to take with you and fill in what you really care about. Do not take too much with you when traveling, in many cases you can… Continue reading Checklist for your trip to America

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8 Best places| To Celebrate Halloween in the USA

As soon as it is October, it starts to itch to many Americans. The American supermarkets are full of trick-or-treat candy again, there is brainstorming about the most annoying outfits of the year and all of a sudden it's okay that there are lots of cobwebs hanging through your house. It's Halloween, time to get… Continue reading 8 Best places| To Celebrate Halloween in the USA

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Holidays in America

In America, not all holidays are the same as the rest of the world. In America, special events are commemorated and celebrated throughout the year. There are special holidays for workers, national heroes and important historical events. Here you can find more information about the history and content of well-known American holidays such as Memorial… Continue reading Holidays in America

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Why use The Sightseeing Pass

Planning to see key sights, visit major landmarks or admire the US natural wonder and don't want to spend too much money or time to search, book and manage your trip? That's where The Sightseeing Pass can help!   Save Big on the Best Attractions with The Sightseeing Pass  With USA Sightseeing Pass you can… Continue reading Why use The Sightseeing Pass

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Miami | 10 Things you should definitely see

'Welcome to Miami, bienvenido a Miami'. Hip America celebrates a holiday in the city that Will Smith celebrated in 1998 with a world hit. Not surprising: the metropolis has white beaches, beautiful people and a cozy Spanish vibe. Travelers from all corners of the world settle in Miami and the adjacent Miami Beach. The metropolis… Continue reading Miami | 10 Things you should definitely see