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Bigger, Better, Cheaper! | Shopping in America

Imagine an average day. It's gray outside, cold and it's raining. You want to go shopping, but you don't want to go through the rain and the cold with all your new acquisitions. In America they have found something great for this: the shopping mall! These large covered shopping centers with hundreds of stores, restaurants… Continue reading Bigger, Better, Cheaper! | Shopping in America


SoHo | Manhattan | New York

SoHo in New York: it's one of the coolest-sounding neighborhoods, but did you know that it's actually just an abbreviation for South of Houston โ€ฆ Houston is a street that runs from East to West, just below where the streets get numbers. And SoHo is, indeed, south of that big street. At the end of… Continue reading SoHo | Manhattan | New York