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Yosemite | National Park | Sightseeings

Yosemite is a popular National Park in California in the southwest of the United States of America. The park is known for its breathtakingly beautiful nature with impressive valleys, high mountains with beautiful views, old forests and huge waterfalls. With more than 3,000 km2, Yosemite is one of the larger National Parks in America, and… Continue reading Yosemite | National Park | Sightseeings


5 Cities that you must visit in America

In addition to the impressive nature, America has even more in store for you: the cities! America has a number of big cities that we think you should have visited!   New York City Yes, New York. New York can not be missed on this list. New York is the largest city in America and… Continue reading 5 Cities that you must visit in America

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Everything about backpacking through America

Those who think about backpacking, think mainly of Australia, Asia and South America. Backpacking in Europe is increasingly being done, but is not a standard backpack destination. But backpacking in America? You do not hear anyone about that. Still, backpacking in America is very possible, it is only a little less obvious. And okay, maybe… Continue reading Everything about backpacking through America

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Bryce Canyon National Park | America | Sightseeings

Bryce Canyon is a National Park in the southwest of the US state of Utah. Bryce Canyon is best known for its hoodoos or earth pillars, erosion shaped thin rock formations in many colors that can reach up to 60 meters high.ย The colors of Bryce Canyon, ranging from a rusty red and yellow color to… Continue reading Bryce Canyon National Park | America | Sightseeings


20 Reasons why you must Travel through America

The endless roads, vast landscapes and large packages in the supermarket attract many travelers during their first visit to America. Whether you like wildlife, beautiful weather, challenging hikes, history, world cities or splashing waterfalls: it's all there. America offers something for everyone as a holiday destination. We mention (only) 20 reasons why you should visit… Continue reading 20 Reasons why you must Travel through America


Can you rent a car in America without a credit card?

With several car rental companies, it is possible to rent a car without a credit card under various conditions. Realize that it is risky for the landlord to give an expensive car to someone without a credit card, which serves as a back-up for damage or theft.   No credit card in America and still… Continue reading Can you rent a car in America without a credit card?


14 Best Tips |Saving money on your Rental Car in America

We all love to save money! Below you can read the 14 Best tips to save as much as possible on renting a car in America.   1. No extra driver: Keep it with one driver for your rental car. Many car rental companies charge a surcharge for an additional driver. Note: The state of… Continue reading 14 Best Tips |Saving money on your Rental Car in America

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Yellowstone National Park | America | Sightseeings

One of the most beautiful national parks in North America is the Yellowstone national park. Yellowstone can be found throughout the states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. The park consists mainly of the eponymous volcano Yellowstone, which is expected to erupt at any moment. Yellowstone national park is the oldest national park in the world… Continue reading Yellowstone National Park | America | Sightseeings


Low budget Tips| Round trip |America

America is a country that is often seen as expensive. People on a small budget or who want to travel for a longer period often go to Asia. But you really do not have to! You can also go to America with a small budget. Where cheap travel in Asia is often seen as self-evident,… Continue reading Low budget Tips| Round trip |America