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Yosemite | National Park | Sightseeings

Yosemite is a popular National Park in California in the southwest of the United States of America. The park is known for its breathtakingly beautiful nature with impressive valleys, high mountains with beautiful views, old forests and huge waterfalls. With more than 3,000 km2, Yosemite is one of the larger National Parks in America, and… Continue reading Yosemite | National Park | Sightseeings

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Death Valley | National Park | Sightseeing

Death Valley is one of the newest National Parks of the United States of America. The park, which was created in 1994, is often skipped by visitors because it is thought that there is not much to see in the desert, but with 14,000 square kilometers it is one of the largest National Parks with… Continue reading Death Valley | National Park | Sightseeing

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Ghost Town Getaways | USA

There's something so romantic about the idea of camping overnight in an old ghost town. Maybe it's because sleeping under the stars seems kind of Wild West-ish, or maybe it's because deep down inside, you know that seeing a ghost in a ghost town would be kind of awesome...either way, not all ghost towns stay… Continue reading Ghost Town Getaways | USA

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San Francisco | 10 Things you should definitely see

The city of the mist, the red bridge, the 43 hills, the pleasant neighborhoods, the steep streets, the cable trams and typical Victorian houses. According to many, San Francisco is the nicest and most beautiful city in the United States.    If you make a round trip through West America or looking for a wonderful city… Continue reading San Francisco | 10 Things you should definitely see

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A Iconic Roadtrip USA |The Pacific Coast Highway

Experience the Californian dream on the Pacific Coast Highway! With the roof open, you tear along the coast of California from one dream destination to the next. This spectacular coastal road takes you along winding roads along deep cliffs, green rolling hills and cozy coastal towns.   The Pacific Coast Highway is part of the… Continue reading A Iconic Roadtrip USA |The Pacific Coast Highway

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Los Angeles | 10 Things you should definitely see

Los Angeles in California: city of dreams, City of Angels. Best known for the many celebrities who live there and her famous Hollywood sign, but also a big city in California that can be overwhelming when you're traveling. Not surprising, because LA is the second largest city in America. Those who visit Los Angeles will… Continue reading Los Angeles | 10 Things you should definitely see