In the northeast of the United States, the sparsely populated Maine, the largest state in New England. Maine is bordered on the southeast by the southeast and the Canadian provinces of Québec and New Brunswick in the northeast. The state consists largely of forests (thats  why the nickname Pine Tree State) and has a rugged, rocky coast known for its many lighthouses. Autumn here is beautiful.

Maine is a big state, the largest in New England. Nevertheless, there are very few people living there, and a large part of them live in the south and along the coast. The interior is covered with vast forests.

The northern tip of the state, rather rough terrain with many lakes and forests, is a good end to Canada. The northern tip is much more northerly than Québec city, and provinces such as New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia are wrapped around it.

Landscape Maine

Yet you can not just go from Montreal to the Canadian Atlantic coast, because the landscape is so inhospitable that the roads are lacking. Baxter State Park, the end of the Appalachian Trail is located in this area and people who have walked the whole route, experience that part as still exceptionally heavy.

Those who seek the loneliness of hundreds of lakes and lonely forests will certainly feel at home in Maine. It is not a state to overwinter, although the summers are extremely enjoyable.

Maine has a temperate continental climate, which means that the summers are warm (average 24 degrees) and the winters are cold, especially in the northern part, where it can sometimes freeze eighteen degrees at night. In the rest of the state the maximum temperature in the winter is around freezing and it snows almost everywhere. In the coastal zone the climate is moderated somewhat by the Atlantic Ocean.

Summer in Maine
The summers in Maine are pleasant, but keep in mind that the nights (even summers) are often cold. The winters are usually very cold with a lot of snow.

There are more than two thousand small islands off the coast of Maine. The coastline itself is beautiful, but erratic. There are dozens of small villages on the coast, including Kennebunkport, where President Bush had his summer break. Acadia National Park is one of the few parks on the east side of the US.

Best travel time
The four seasons are clearly distinguishable and each season has its advantages. In the summer mainly beach lovers come to Maine, while during the cold months mainly winter sports enthusiasts go to the state. A special phenomenon in the northeastern part of the United States is the ‘Indian Summer’, a period during the autumn in which the temperatures can still rise for the last time and the leaves on the trees show beautiful colors.

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Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is mostly located on Mount Desert Island, where steep rocks alternate with rolling hilltops and picturesque villages.