Colorado is in terms of nature one of the most beautiful states in America and a true paradise for the adventurer among us. From snowy peaks to impressive rock formations, you’ll find it all here! Colorado is also the only state that is more than a thousand meters above sea level with the highest peak at 4.401 high… Mount Elbert, the highest mountain in the Rocky Mountains

In total, the state has 54 summits that reach above 4200 meters. As John Denver sang in 1972: in Colorado you experience the Rocky Mountains High. Colorado is the outdoor destination of America. In the Rockies you ski in the winter in winter sports resorts like Aspen and Vail. When the snow drifts, the mountain landscape offers beautiful walking and cycling routes. Rocky Mountain National Park When the snow melts, beautiful walking and cycling routes emerge between the mountains in Colorado’s national parks. In the Rocky Mountain National Park you walk to high-altitude lakes and search for wild bears, bighorn sheep and elks. Climb to the top of Mount Elbert where a spicy hike is rewarded with a great view over the mountain landscape with the green valleys and white peaks. A lot further south lies the Mesa Verde National Park. Here you visit 600 old rock houses that were inhabited by Pueblo Indians until 1300. This is one of America’s most important archaeological finds. In Black Canyon or the Gunnison National Park, you can gaze across the abyss of the 77-kilometer-long gorge. And in Great Sand Dunes National Park you climb 200 meters high sand dunes. Whether you are looking for the high mountains of Colorado in summer or winter, you can climb to great heights where you will be treated to spectacular views of snow-covered mountain tops, dense green valleys, clear lakes and deep gorges. A trip through Colorado along the miles high mountain peaks of the Rocky Mountains guarantees an active and unforgettable holiday.

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