Hike past large lakes, glaciers, through dense forests and look up to the snow-capped mountains. Montana is known for its abundance of natural beauty with two beautiful national parks:

Glacier and Yellowstone.


Montana is one of the largest states in America, but also one of the least populated. That results in large open spaces. The inhabitants of Montana are known as frontier-like: friendly but distant to foreigners, helpful and curious. Montana borders Canada and is a great natural spectacle with the Rocky Mountains and Glacier National Park in the west and a small part of Yellowstone in the south. Get in the car for a tour of all this natural violence!


Southwest Montana

In the south-west of Montana you will find mainly beautiful nature, especially a lot of ‘national forests’ vast protected forests. Coves and lakes make it a picturesque landscape where you can walk. Are you not such a walker and do you also think it is best to admire this beautiful landscape from the car? Then try the Pintler Scenic Loop. This route takes you through historic mining towns and of course the mountain ridges Montana is rich in.

Beaverhead National Forest is one of the protected forests here in the area, where you can camp in the wide nature. If you want to experience Montana in its purest form, camping in these forests is a must. You can also go for excellent fly fishing and, much tougher, whitewater rafting!

Beavehead National Forest


Northeast Montana

The north-eastern region of Montana used to be home to the Tyrannosaurus Rex, an immense carnivorous dinosaur. Beginning and late last century, there are skeletons of these prehistoric animals and thanks to this discovery this region was put on the map.

The landscape consists of widespread plains and little overgrown and rather dry ground. The Missouri River struggles through the landscape which has always been an important means of transport. In the past a lot of fur was traded here and today these trading villages are still inhabited.

The Missouri River


Southeast Montana

The most beautiful spot in the south-east of Montana is Makoshika state park. With its rugged landscape and former residence of the prehistoric dinosaurs, this park is an important tourist attraction. The bizarre topological forms can not be found anywhere else in Montana. In this region it is also possible to camp in different National Forests. Also the so-called ‘guesranches’ can be found everywhere and promise a typical Montana experience.


Makoshika state park

North Central Montana

In this part of the state Montana you will find hilly landscape with vast valleys and on the south side beautiful forests as far as the eye can see. You can also go fishing for trout and other fish species here in one of the rivers, such as the Musselshell river. Centuries ago, the Blackfeet Indians lived here. Relics of their civilization have been found in various places, as in Chocteau.

Montana hilly landscape


South Central Montana

This region of Montana is most ‘visited without a doubt’ because of the world famous Yellowstone National Park. This National Park is one of the tourist attractions of the Pacific Northwest. The area is popular among the residents of the Pacific Northwest because they like to come to Yellowstone for skiing. Not surprising when you consider that the park is in the heart of the rugged Rocky Mountains! This national park is also known for the volcanic activity that takes place there; the main reason for tourists to visit Yellowstone.


Round trip Montana

Because Montana is so large and vast and full of beautiful nature, the state lends itself well for a road trip or a round trip. Combine your visit to Glacier National Park with a trip through Yellowstone in Wyoming or Jasper National Park and Banff National Park in Canada


Places to Stay in Montana

From rustic Cabins and Lodges to warm Bed & Breakfasts and even Luxury Resorts, let us share Montana’s Hospitality…

Hotels & Motels
Whether it’s  just an overnight stay or a home base, hotels and motels can meet all of your comfort needs. Hotels and motels in Montana run the gamut from quaint, local six-room establishments to national chains
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Locals know that the best way to experience the great outdoors in Montana is to camp. From primitive to full-service, there are plenty of private and public campgrounds to suit your style of adventure and comfort. Whether you’re hiking in to a backcountry campsite or parking your RV, you’ll still be able to look up at the stars in the big sky as you’re roasting s’mores.
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Bed & Breakfasts
Start the day with a homemade breakfast and some local recommendations from your host. Return to some generous hospitality after dinner. Montana bed and breakfasts range from country charm to vintage Victorian.
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Groups, retreats, reunions, and other travelers will create memories in Montana lodges.
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For a truly rustic experience, stay in a cabin in Montana. Whether you’re staying in a homestead or a modern-day cabin, a Montana cabin is the perfect place to relax after a day full of activities.
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From outdoor adventure to relaxing indoors, resorts have it all. Resorts in Montana are right in the heart of all the year-round activity, even within earshot of elk bugling.
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Vacation Homes
Stay close to all the action while still feeling at home. Take it all in while staying at a vacation home in Montana. You just never know what’s in store.
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Stay in a place where you meet new people without breaking the bank. Trade stories about journeying through the untouched beauty of Montana in a European-style hostel.
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Condominiums offer you the perfect combination of modern conveniences and the best locations. Room to relax, cook a meal, do your laundry, read a book just minutes away from horseback riding, fishing, hiking, skiing and exploring historic sites. Now that’s a vacation!
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Hot Springs Resorts
Find a little slice of heaven in one of Montana’s hot springs. Whether you want to enjoy an invigorating morning plunge or to relax after an adventure-filled day, we’ve got more than a dozen hot spring resorts and pools, all fed from natural, geothermal sources.
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Popular Tourist Attractions

  • Glacier National Park: National park in northern Montana.
  • Yellowstone National Park: National park in South Montna
  • Flathead Lake: Natural freshwater lake near Flathead National Forest in Montana.
  • Going-to-the-Sun Road: Scenic mountain road in Glacier National Park in Montana.
  • Yellowstone Club: Ski resort and golf club in Big Sky, Montana.
  • Lake McDonald: Largest lake in Glacier National Park, located in Flathead County, Montana.
  • Museum of the Rockies: Museum in Bozeman, Montana.
  • Beartooth Highway: 68-mile scenic road starting in Red Lodge, Montana, and extending into Wyoming.
  • Little Bighorn Battlefield: National monument commemorating those who perished in the U.S.-Native Indian war on June, 1876, located in southern Montana.
  • Red Lodge Mountain: Ski area in Red Lodge, Montana.
  • Berkeley Pit: Former open pit copper mine located in Butte, Montana.
  • Discovery Ski Area: Ski area in Anaconda, Montana.
  • ZooMontana: Zoo in Billings, Montana.
  • Grinnell Glacier: Glacier in the Glacier National Park in Montana.
  • Logan Pass: Highest point of the Going-to-the-Sun Road, located in Glacier National Park in Montana.
  • Montana Snowbowl: Ski area in Missoula, Montana.
  • Moss Mansion: Museum in Billings, Montana.
  • Flathead Lake: Largest freshwater lake of the western states, Montana.


The Climate in Montana

Summer is a good time for a tour of Montana’s national parks thanks to the warm, dry days and cool nights. It is no fun in the winter. It can freeze and the wind from the north can last for months and cause unbearable cold. Although the thick layer of white snow has its charm again!

The large area in Montana (the 4th state of the US in square kilometers) has a number of different climates thanks to its surface area and the great diversity in landscape. The central part of Montana is dominated by a cold steppe climate (type BSk according to the climatic classification of Köppen), in the west you find a combination of a temperate continental climate that goes through a moderate continental climate to a high mountain climate on the highest mountain tops.

Montana has large variations in the average annual rainfall. On average there are not even four hundred millimeters per year in the entire state, but there are a number of significant deviations from this average. For example, in the valleys east of the mountains, less than three hundred millimeters. Examples include Lonepine (291 mm) and Deer Lodge (279 mm). The mountains themselves, on the other hand, have significant amounts of precipitation. An annual rainfall of 2000 up to 2700 millimeters (Grinnell Glacier) is normal here. Summers in Montana are relatively warm, with the highest mountain peaks being an exception. In a city like Billings, tropical maximums of thirty degrees or more are easily achieved in July and August. The winters are cool to cold in almost all of Montana. Frost, snow and ice floating in some lakes are no exception in the period December to February. In a strong northern current, ice-cold pool air can easily reach Montana.
Climate information about places in Montana

The climate info on this page is only brief information. Specific information about weather and climate can be found on the climate pages per region or city. The following climate information is available for Montana:

Great Falls
Rocky Mountains
Yellowstone National Park


Montana Guidebooks

Download the Guide by indiviual region will send a Guidebook right to your door.

A guide to Montana’s six tourism regions including getting here, winter safety and chamber details.

Allow us to guide you on a journey of discovery to some of Montana’s unique places to visit.

Montana Camping Grounds


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