Massachusetts is a cradle of unforgettable travel experiences! This state in New England bursts at the seams of atmospheric villages and bustling cities full of history and culture, but also with scenic beauty and an idyllic coastline.


History, culture and fine beaches. Massachusetts has a rich history and you will encounter that in every village and city. Start in the capital Boston and continue to Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, Harvard and Salem. Massachusetts, along with five other states, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont forms New England, all with its own attractions and sights and all well worth a visit..The region has severe winters and hot summers, but is best known for the picturesque red colors of the tree leaves during autumn.

Fall Colors Reflecting in a pond

This page contains information for those who want to travel through this state, want to make a round trip with, for example, a camper or rental car and are looking for useful background information to be able to orient themselves further.



It is surprising how much the relatively small state of Massachusetts has to offer: dramatic views, outdoor fun, delicious shopping, fresh seafood, sports in the ‘major league’ and many cultural activities. For people who like to spend their holidays on the coast, Massachusetts is ideal because of its many spectacular beaches. For lovers of active holidays, the many parks, mountains and rivers are the perfect environment for hiking, cycling, canoeing or rafting. And for those who are interested in the American Revolution there are many museums and special walks in which history revives. Finally, at the end of the day, nothing is delicious than to enjoy fresh lobster in one of the cozy inns that the state is rich in.


Highlights of Massachusetts

Boston, Harvard and Salem
Every journey through Massachusetts must begin in Boston. Beacon Hill was the neighborhood where the elite lived. Admire the narrow gravel streets, charming houses and the oldest park in America.

From Boston you are in fifteen minutes in Cambridge, where Harvard University is located. Make a camp tour on the grounds of one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Then travel to Salem, which is best known for his witch persecution in 1692. In the Witch Museum you will learn more about the hysteria of that time.

Salem, Massachusetts,USA – The Burying Point Cemetery, also known as Charter Street Cemetery, dates back to at least 1637.

Plymouth: American history
Also located on the coast, about 55 km south of Boston is Plymouth, a charming town with a huge historical importance for America. It was here that in 1620 the first European settlement arose when the Pilgrims from England arrived with the ship the Mayflower in America.

Today, Plymouth offers tourists an interesting opportunity to learn more about American history: A replica of the Mayflower, and the open air museum Plimoth Plantation give a beautiful picture of the times of yesteryear.

Cape Cod
The narrow strip of land on the southeast coast of Massachusetts and the islands surrounding it are holiday destinations for New Yorkers and Bostonians. In the charming maritime villages and on the white sandy beaches of Cape Cod you can completely relax.

Between April and October you can see whales passing by from the beach.


Cape Cod Whales
Nature rules on Cape Cod. In the spring, the new life is celebrated with endless flower fields, the birth of numerous animals and the arrival of large groups of whales. To inspire the upcoming generation, many nature centers will allow children to get as close to the animals as possible. The Mass Audubon Society manages eight nature parks on Cape Cod, including two at Felix Neck and Wellfleet.

The highlight of a spring visit to Cap Cod is a unique whale trip. Boats and cruises depart from Provincetown, Barnstable and Nantucket Island. During the boat trip you are guaranteed to study the humpback whales and other rare whales.

Rich and famous Americans populate the islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket in the summer. The rest of the year it is a lot quieter. The charming Martha’s Vineyard has six beach resorts and extensive beaches.

The smaller Nantucket is an oasis of peace. Along the dramatic coastline are lighthouses, old houses and small harbors. In the interior fields grow full of grapes and cranberries and there is a traditional house here and there.

Accommodation possibilities


Convenient, affordable, and right off the main road, a Massachusetts motel is easy to find. Search over 200 motels for the one that has a pool or free breakfast, without having to look at a single one of those roadside signs with the missing letters. Little bottles of shampoo, turn down service, perhaps a swimming pool. Is there anything better than staying in a hotel? From the most intimate boutique to the grandest 300-room hotel, Massachusetts has the perfect place for you to live it up, hunker down, hang out, and sleep in.

Little bottles of shampoo, turn down service, perhaps a swimming pool. Is there anything better than staying in a hotel? From the most intimate boutique to the grandest 300-room hotel, Massachusetts has the perfect place for you to live it up, hunker down, hang out, and sleep in.

Aaaah…take a deep breath. You’re camping. There’s no funner way to experience nature, and no better place to do it than Massachusetts. From the green mountains of the Berkshires to the gorgeous beaches of Cape Cod, you’ll find the perfect campgrounds for your s’mores-roasting, campfire storytelling, and sleeping under the stars.

Bed & Breakfasts
Homemade breakfast, cozy linens, a B&B is truly a home away from home. Massachusetts’ bed & breakfasts take their hospitality seriously. Here are almost 500 of them that would love to make you feel at home.

Seaside, spa, or golf, if it has the word “resort” at the end of it, you’re going to love it.  Find dozens of resorts to pamper yourself in from the Berkshires to the Cape & Islands.

Vacation Homes
Whether it’s a shingled cottage on Nantucket or a condo in the Berkshires there’s a vacation rental waiting for you.

Intimate lodging, hearthside dining, and good company. Have a romantic getaway in a Massachusetts inn, and you may never want to leave.

Want an affordable place to stay and the chance to meet interesting fellow travelers from all walks of life? Check into a Massachusetts hostel.

Fishing lodges on the beach…


The largest airport in the state is Logan International Airport. Although there are a total of 42 public airports, this airport is best accessible for tourists. Through the Amtrak train network you can easily travel to cities such as Springfield, Westwood and Boston.


Nightlife and entertainment

During the summer months Chinese, Irish, native American, Caribbean and Dominican jazz festivals give extra color to the Charles River and streets of Boston. Special hiking trails, such as The Black heritage trail and The Freedom trail make the visitor familiar with the history and cultural heritage of the city. This is also a unique opportunity to attend a real Broadway musical, to listen to the world-famous Boston Symphony Orchestra or to go to a high-quality performance of the Boston ballet. Comedy clubs and dinner cruises further ensure that you never get bored.



Spectacular autumn colors

Fall Foliage is more known to the term “Indian Summer”. This natural phenomenon occurs annually when after the first frost the temperature rises a number of degrees and it almost seems as if the summer has made its appearance again. These Indian Summers are typical of New England, an area consisting of 6 states on the northeast coast of the US of which Massachusetts is part. In addition to the glorious weather, the fall foliage is popular for the spectacular autumn colors. Also in this season many local harvest festivals and autumn markets can be visited in the many picturesque towns of Massachusetts. It is therefore not surprising that more than a quarter of the total number of tourists visit Massachusetts during this period. For more information surf to:


The climate of Massachusetts

The east of the state, located on the Atlantic Ocean, is especially warmer in the winter months than the western part that lies more inland. For example, the average maximum temperature in Boston is just above the freezing point in January, while Pittsfield in the west at 317 meters is, on average, about 5 to 7 degrees cooler in the winter months. The average amount of precipitation on an annual basis amounts to 99 to 117 centimeters, of which in winter a large part is in the form of snow. The capital Boston has an average of 107 centimeters of snow on an annual basis.


When is the best travel time to go to Massachusetts?

Here is some information to help you with your decision:
The best months for good weather in Massachusetts are May, June, July, August and September.
On average, the hottest months are July and August
The coldest months are January and February
The most rainy months are January, February, March, June and December

Autumn is the time par excellence to visit this area, since then the Indian Summer erupts with great intensity. In Massachusetts the discoloration line arrives around mid-October; all leaves fell at the end of October.


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