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Denali National Park | Alaska | Sightseeing

Grizzly bears, emus, dall sheep, caribou and elk. Denali National Park is the reason why you travel to Alaska. In a helicopter you fly over the wilderness. You see forests, glaciers and the highest mountain in America, Mount McKinley. Rocks, snow and glaciers cover the tops of Mount McKinley. The 3048 meter high mountain is… Continue reading Denali National Park | Alaska | Sightseeing

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Indian Summer | 10 beautiful Autumn routes through America

" Every year the autumn of America starts at the beginning of September. The first trees color from green to yellow, red, orange, brown and sometimes even purple.  A true color spectacle "    This is Indian Summer, named after the period in which the Indians used to harvest. The highlight of the discoloration is… Continue reading Indian Summer | 10 beautiful Autumn routes through America