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Bigger, Better, Cheaper! | Shopping in America

Imagine an average day. It’s gray outside, cold and it’s raining. You want to go shopping, but you don’t want to go through the rain and the cold with all your new acquisitions. In America they have found something great for this: the shopping mall! These large covered shopping centers with hundreds of stores, restaurants and other facilities can be found throughout the country.

In addition to the fact that it’s never too cold or too hot inside, there are a few things that make shopping in America more fun than shopping in some countries. Curious why shopping in America is the best? I would like to tell you why!

Cheap shopping in America

Shopping in America is generally cheaper than in some countries This also has to do with the dollar exchange rate and although it rises and falls you can still save a lot. American brands such as Levis, Mac and, for example, Michael Kors are many times cheaper in America.

Also visit one of the many outlets in America. A well-known outlet that can be found throughout the country is Premium Outlets. In these outlets you will not find the newest collections, but you will find clothing that is considerably discounted.

Tip: Sign up for the Premium Outlets newsletter for free. Once you have registered you will find a VIP Coupon Book voucher on the website. Print this voucher or show it at the Visitor’s Center in the Outlet and you will receive a booklet with coupons. This contains the discounts that you get when you hand in a coupon at the relevant store!

Friendly people

When you go shopping in America, you will be welcomed at most stores by a kind of hostess who immediately asks if she can help you with something or tells you about the offers that are currently available. I find it useful. Many people will have to get used to it a bit and soon come up with the comment that it is fake, but I would say that it is better to be treated fake and friendly than to be treated unfriendly. I like that spontaneity.

Everything you are looking for in 1 place

At the large shopping malls in America you will find more than just stores and department stores. There are all kinds of extra services such as a cinema, childcare, beauty treatments, hairdressers, bars, restaurants, video halls and bowling alleys. So you can have fun all day long. In the giant Mall Of America you will find more than 520 stores and even an amusement park and a Sea Life!

Food and drink

Got hungry from all that shopping? In the shopping malls you often find large food courts where you can choose from everything and that is not just unhealthy food. You will usually also find the famous American food chain in or near the major shopping centers.

The stores are open late

Do you also hate that when you finish working, the stores close? In America they are a bit smarter in that regard because many shopping centers and outlets are open until 8 or 9 pm. In some cities the shops appear to be open until 11 p.m. Sightseeing, a bite to eat and afterwards shopping! What else do you want?

Enough free parking places

You don’t have to worry that you have to search for hours for a parking spot and that you then pay a blue parking fee. No. The shopping malls and outlets have enough free parking spaces. Moreover, the parking garages are nice and spacious thanks to all those gigantic American cars!

A trip to America naturally includes a day of shopping. Do you also want to shop a lot in America and save some money for that? What I always do is to buy nothing new a few months before I travel, with the thought: in America, shopping is much more fun and cheaper!

Top 10 Largest Shopping Malls in the USA

  • Mall of America, Bloomington, Minnesota : Mall of America is the largest shopping mall in the United States with more than 522 stores
  • King of Prussia Mall, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania : King of Prussia Mall is the 2nd largest mall in USA. It is located at King of Prussia in Pennsylvania and has 394 stores.
  • Aventura Mall, Aventura, Florida : Aventura Mall is the third biggest shopping mall in the United States. It is the largest shopping mall in Florida with more than 300 stores in the mall. 
  • South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, California: South Coast Plaza is the fourth biggest mall in USA. It is the largest shopping mall in California with 280 retail stores. It serves Orange county metro area.
  •  Del Amo Fashion Center, Torrance, California : Del Amo Fashion Center ranked at #5 in the list of largest shopping malls in USA. It is the second largest shopping mall in California with 300 retail stores.
  • Destiny USA, Syracuse, New York: Destiny USA is the sixth largest shopping mall in the United States. It is the largest shopping mall in the city and state of New York. It has more than 300 retail stores
  • Sawgrass Mills, Sunrise, Florida: Sawgrass Mills is the seventh biggest mall in the country. Sawgrass Mills is second largest mall in the state of Florida. Sawgrass Mills has 350 retail stores
  • The Galleria, Houston, Texas: The Galleria is the largest shopping mall in Taxas and eighth largest in the United States.  It serves Houston metro area with 375 retail stores.
  • Roosevelt Field, Garden City, New York: Roosevelt Field is the second largest mall in New York (NY) and 9th largest in the country. Roosevelt Field has 294 retail stores. 
  • Woodfield Mall, Schaumburg, Illinois: Woodfield Mall is the largest shopping mall in Illinois and 10th largest in the United States. Woodfield Mall serves metro area of Chicago with total of 300 retail stores as on date

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