West Village | Manhattan | New York

West Village is a neighborhood in Manhattan, New York. It is a residential area, but one with all kinds of nice restaurants and shops – and a lot of celebrities! To give an idea; the neighborhood is south of Chelsea, north of Hudson Square and South Village, east of the Hudson River and west of Greenwich Village. High Line Park connects West Village with Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen and Hudson Yards. In the north of West Village you will find the beloved entertainment district Meatpacking District

West Village and Little Bohemia

West Village was founded in 1916 and, due to the bohemian lifestyle that prevailed there, soon got the nickname “Little Bohemia”. You will therefore also find all kinds of artists’ houses that put a stamp on the appearance of the neighborhood. Another thing that makes the neighborhood unique in appearance is the fact that the streets do not fit the grid on which the layout of the rest of New York is based. This is not only confusing for you as a tourist, no, even for New Yorkers it is pretty tricky. You really need a map here. Or not, because West Village is actually the ideal neighborhood to wander aimlessly. You will automatically end up in good places! Such as the beautiful Jefferson Market Courthouse or that famous cupcake bakery: Magnolia’s Bakery.

A dynamic and European neighborhood

Here, wide, quiet streets with trees – such as Commerce Street – alternate cute cobbled streets. This street scene gives West Village a look that many people describe as “European”. But behind that cute impression lies an enormously dynamic district, which is stylish and where trends are set. It is crowded without feeling rushed. People enjoy a drink here in a nice restaurant and there is a typical, almost village-like-us-know atmosphere. In addition to the celebrities who live there, it is choking on the bachelors in West Village. Many young, highly educated creatives live there, and relatively few children and the elderly. And: there is a very warm, friendly atmosphere.

Restaurants in West Village: Cowgirl and The Spotted Pig

If you are in the “wild” West, it is of course so nice to eat there too. Cowgirl is a restaurant on 519 Hudson Street. The food is not very special, but tasty Tex Mex / South American. The kitschy appearance adds to the experience and the “Baked Potatoe” dessert is worth trying! The Spotted Pig is fun too! The kitchen in this cozy little shop is open until two o’clock and the feeling there is typical “West Village”: trendy, but not pretentious. On their website, for example, it says under “dress code”: “absolutely none”. At The Spotted Pig they are very proud of their neighborhood and it shows. In this way, if you have to wait for a table, you will receive a map of the service area so that you can explore it at your leisure until you receive a call that a table is available. Oh yes, and the food, that is English / Italian and tasty!

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