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New York CityPASS

De New York CityPASS is echt een must-have als u voor de eerste keer naar New York gaat. U betaalt voor volwassenen $ 132,- en voor kinderen tot 18 jaar $ 108,- voor zes topattracties en bespaart tot 40% op de standaardprijzen. De New York CityPASS is eenvoudig te gebruiken en negen dagen geldig vanaf de datum van het eerste gebruik.

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6 Top attractions

If you want to see the highlights of New York, enjoy museums and experience the city from a different perspective, it is best to purchase the New York CityPASS. Because the pass is valid for nine days, you don’t have to hurry and you can schedule everything at your leisure. The pass gives you access to six attractions, but even if you only visit the Empire State Building, Top of the Rock and a museum and take one of the boat trips, you are already more advantageous than if you all buy individual tickets.

New York CityPASS attractions:

How does the New York CityPASS work?

The pass is very easy to use. Order the pass here. You will receive a voucher in your mailbox that you print out and hand in at the first attraction that you visit. You will then immediately receive the pass. The pass is valid for nine days from the date of first use.

With the New York CityPASS you get access to six attractions. As described above, you must choose whether you visit the Guggenheim Museum or the Top of the Rock. You must also choose between the 9/11 Museum or Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. You must also choose between a visit to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island or one of the Circle Line Cruises. The Landmark Cruise, the Harbor Lights Cruise, the Liberty Cruise and a trip with The Beast are included in the pass.

Did you know that with the New York CityPASS you can visit the Empire State Building twice on the same day for free? First go during the day and come back in the evening for a free second visit. From May to August you can pay a second visit between 10 p.m. and closing time. From September to April this is possible from 8 p.m. to closing time. An ideal way to enjoy the view of the city during the day and a sea of ​​lights in the evening.

Benefits of the New York CityPASS

There are even more benefits with the New York CityPASS. You can skip the queue at many attractions by using the VIP entrances. It is also not necessary to book in advance for the various attractions. You will also receive a number of discount coupons with the pass.

SAVE 43%

I really recommend everyone to buy the New York CityPASS when they first go to New York. It is inexpensive, easy to use and because it is valid for nine days you can enjoy it during your entire vacation. Because you can use the VIP queues, it often saves a lot of time. Certainly handy for the boat trips! Even if you do not like to visit museums, it is cheaper to buy this pass than to purchase tickets on the spot.

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