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Staten Island | New York

Staten Island is one of the five boroughs of New York. Most visitors to will not have this district in their top 10 to explore extensively. Still, many visitors go on the free ferry from southern Manhattan to Staten Island to enjoy the Manhattan skyline. And upon arrival, they will probably immediately go back to where the action is.

History of Staten Island

“Native Americans” have lived on Staten Island for many thousands of years before the Europeans arrived. The first Western visitor was an Italian, and later in 1609 the Englishman Henry Hudson came to see what the Dutch had to do on behalf of the Dutch. The island is named after the Dutch States General (the collective name for the First and Second Chamber), as a tribute to this institute. It took a while before the colonization got going, there was quite a fight with the original inhabitants. But eventually “Old Village” was founded and since then the population has slowly grown to around 500,000.


Staten Island is one of the largest city districts, but has by far the least population. That means that there is enough space for greenery. Is the hectic pace of Manhattan a bit too much for you? Does nature call? Then a day at Staten Island might be a nice escape.
Here you will find everything about nature possibilities on Staten Island

Activities on Staten Island

There are three golf courses on Staten Island if you feel like exercising. Do you prefer to watch sports? Then a visit to the sympathetic Staten Island Yankees is recommended (not to be confused with the New York Yankees). They don’t play in the highest class, but you will get an authentic baseball experience here.

There is also a small zoo, Staten Island Zoo. There are museums too. Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden is the most important; a collection of museums that exhibit work by regional artists, among others.

You can go to Staten Island with the free Staten Island Ferry. This goes right past the Statue of Liberty. The ferry runs twice an hour from the tip of Manhattan. It is very worthwhile to do this free trip. Extra: When you board, do not walk forward, but go to the aft deck on the left. Then you have the best view.

Tour & activities options on Staten Island

Private Historic Tour of South Shore Staten Island

New York Helicopter Tour: Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island

Private Historic Tour of North Shore Staten Island

Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island in one day

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