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Time Square

Times Square in New York is the most visited place in Manhattan. The square with dozens of bright LED screens and weird figures, where most of the city’s selfies are made is the place that you can’t skip as a tourist, is also called “the Crossroads of the World”.

Highlights on Times Square

Times Square is an overwhelming place, so take your time to get a feel for it. Go up the well-known red stairs, sit down and see what happens around you. You will see a lot of people in big suits, dressed as Disney characters and other famous characters. They want you to take a photo with them, and then ask for a “tip”. It is common to give them one or two dollars, but this is not mandatory. If they are annoying, you can always contact a police officer.

You can also bump into the Naked Cowboy. This now world famous guitarist with little concealing outfit can be found on Times Square regularly. Summer or winter, even with a thick layer of snow, he still entertains the bystanders in boxer shorts and cowboy boots. There are also a lot of themed restaurants on the square, such as Hard Rock Café, Bubba Gump and Planet Hollywood. Look up and in the distance you see the ball that goes down every year to announce the start of the new year. This “Ball Drop” can be admired during various Ball Drop parties.

Shopping on Times Square

In addition to souvenir shops, Times Square also has flagship stores of major brands. Some of these stores are almost an attraction in themselves. In the M&M Store there are M & Ms available in every imaginable color, the Disney Store consists of two floors full of Disney merchandise (including a fairytale castle) and you can go to Hershey’s Chocolate World for the “largest s’mores experience”, among other things. Popular clothing stores are also trying to conquer Times Square. For example, you can shop at a large H&M and the American brand Gap has established itself in the building of the former Toys ”R” Us. Across the street you will find an American Eagle Outfitters location. Because most stores are open until midnight, “shop till you drop” does apply here!

Times Square museums and musicals

There are a number of museums in and around Times Square, such as National Geographic Encounter, Madame Tussauds and Ripley’s Believe it or Not. And for music lovers, this is of course “the place to be”. No fewer than forty theaters can be found around Times Square where Broadway musicals are staged every night, from classics that have been running for years to the latest productions.

Hotels in Times Square

If you are still looking for a New York hotel and you want to miss out on the bustling life of Midtown Manhattan, book one of the hotels around Times Square. You will stay in the heart of the city, within walking distance of many sights and metro stations

New York City

How to get to Times Square

Since 2009, a large part of Times Square has been closed to motorized traffic and designated as a pedestrian area. There are several metro stations where you can get off to get to Times Square. The purple, red and yellow metro lines all stop at Times Square / 42 St. station. Even if you take the blue line and get off at Port Authority, you will be in the bustling heart of Manhattan in a few minutes!

On the day you arrive in New York, you probably have little time to do anything and chances are that you are tired of jet lag. Walking around Times Square in the evening and eating something in the neighborhood is a great way to spend the first evening.

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