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American Museum of Natural History | New York

American Museum of Natural History in New York is one of the nicest museums and one of the most educational in the world. If you have children, this is definitely a Must See, but also if you do not have children. This museum is known from the movie ‘Night at the Museum 1’. What can you expect? Stuffed animals in spectacular 3D environments, dinosaurs, the history of the earth and an overview of indigenous cultures. The museum is old and sometimes it seems old-fashioned, but in a charming way.

What can be seen in the American Museum of Natural History

Like almost everything in America, this museum is very large. If you have a busy week and have limited time, it is wise to decide in advance what you want to see for sure. Here is an overview of the items. Near the main entrance are maps, which are very useful because the museum is large and not very clear.

Butterfly conservatory (second floor, this is the floor where you enter the Museum)
Open from October to May. There are more than 500 butterflies flying around here. So unlike the rest of the museum, there are no stuffed animals here.

North American mammals dioramas (first floor)
Enchanting stuffed animals that are placed in natural habitat. It is incredibly beautiful and perfect how they have made this. You really get the idea that you are standing in the mountains between the tigers or on the African steppe between the antelopes.

Buy your tickets for American Museum of Natural History here

Ocean Life (first floor)
All life originated from the oceans. It is not surprising that the museum pays a lot of attention to this. Interesting are, for example, the two ‘trees of life’, where you can see very well how the evolution took place and when there was a new species. Also here with beautiful dioramas, but then of sea animals. And a life-size whale hanging on the ceiling!

The Bernard Family Hall of North American Mammals (first floor)
This features 43 dioramas of various mammals of the American continent, north of tropical Mexico. Each diorama places focus on a particular species, ranging from the largest megafauna to the smaller rodents and carnivorans. Notable dioramas include the Alaskan brown bears looking at a salmon after they scared off an otter, a pair of wolves, a pair of Sonoranjaguars, and dueling bull Alaska moose.

Buy your tickets for American Museum of Natural History here

Akeley Hall of African Mammals (second floor)
The Akeley Hall of African Mammals showcases large mammals of Africa. At the center is a freestanding group of eight elephants, poised as if to charge, surrounded by 28 habitat dioramas. These provide a unique glimpse of the diverse topography of Africa and its wildlife, from the Serengeti Plain to the waters of the Upper Nile to the volcanic mountains of what was once the Belgian Congo.

Dinosaurs (fourth floor)
The most famous is the Museum of Natural History because of the dinosaur collection. And that is indeed very impressive. In the beginning you think you are dealing with plastic fake bones, but if you look a little better and read the signs almost everything is real and that makes you want to know as much as possible of these gigantic animals. Attention is also paid to theories about how these animals are extinct. Furthermore you will be confronted in a nice way with how old the earth is and how young humanity, where they have made a clock that shows 24 hours. The human being only arose in the last minute!

I advise you to start on the fourth floor, here you will find the dinosaurs. Then go down the stairs to discover the other floors, the elevators are often very busy. The entrance to the American Museum of Natural History is also included with the Sightseeing Pass , the New York Pass and New York Sightseeing Flex Pass.

Practical information
After your purchase you will receive a voucher that you can print and exchange for a ticket at the museum. You can also show it as a mobile voucher on your phone to receive your ticket.

Opening hours: daily from 10 am to 5.45 pm
Location: Central Park West at 79th Street
Extra: There is a wardrobe for $ 2 per person (on the lower level + second floor)

Buy your tickets for American Museum of Natural History here

Floor Information

Lower Level : Cullman Hall of the Universe
First Floor:Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Hall / Ross Hall of Meteorites / Heilbrunn Cosmic Pathway / Hayden Planetarium / Gottesman Hall of Planet Earth / Small Mammals / Bernard Family Hall of North American Mammals / Warburg Hall of New York State Environment / North American Forests / Milstein Family Hall of Ocean Life / Hall of Biodiversity / Spitzer Hall of Human Origins / Northwest Coast Hall / div Theaters.
Second Floor: Theodore Roosevelt Rotunda / Scales of Universe / Hayden Big Bang Theather / Birds of the World / Akeley Hall of African Mammals / Asian Mammals / South American Peoples/ Mexico & Central America / African Peoples / Stout Hall of Asian Peoples / Akeley Gallery / The Butterfly Conservatory.
Third Floor: Primates / Sanford Hall of North American Birds / New York City Birds / Akeley Hall of African Mammals / New York State Mammals / Reptiles Amphibians / Plains Indians / Eastern Woodlands Indians / Margaret Mead Hall of Pacific Peoples.
Fourth Floor: Wallach Orientation Center / Vertebrate Origins / Milstein Hall of Advanced Mammals / Primitive Mammals / Astor Turret / Ornithischian Dinosaurs / Saurischian Dinosaurs / Unseen Oceans.
Restrooms & Changing Station: on floor / LL / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
Museum Store: on floor / LL / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
Restaurants: on floor/ LL / 1 / 4

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