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Fuel prices America | For your road trip 2019

Is the petrol price America high or low? Well, at least a lot lower than in many other countries. If you are going to make a road trip in America, you obviously want to know how much you are going to pay for the fuel. In this article you will find current petrol prices in America per region. We also show you how you can calculate the current fuel costs for your rental car, how to refuel in America and give tips where you can refuel the cheapest.

Current Fuel price America 2018

The Fuel price America is also much lower in 2019 than in many other countries. Fuel prices in America are indicated per gallon. One gallon is 3.8 liters. The fuel price is currently between $ 2,488 to $ 2,299 per gallon. On average you can count on a price of * € 0.58 and € 0.77 eurocents / or £ 0.53 and £ 0.70 English Dollars / or $ 0.94 and $ 0.61 australian dollars per liter

Fuel America: average petrol price in cities

We have listed a number of popular cities so that you can see where the petrol costs the most in America *. Not surprisingly, but at number one are some cities in California.

Fuel price California:

Fuel price California:  $ 0,91 US dollars / € 0.80 a liter / £ 0,73 a liter / $ 1,27 (australian dollars)

In California you pay most for petrol. A gallon here costs on average $3.45 (€3,04 / £2,75 / $4,80 aus). Prices in Los Angeles can currently rise to $3.47 ( €3,06 / £2,77 / $4,82 aus ) per gallon. San Francisco is also an expensive city to refuel $3.69 ( €3,25 / £2,94 / $5,13 aus) per gallon.

Fuel price Arizona:

The average price per gallon in Arizona is $2.75 (€2,42 / £2,19 / $3,83 aus). This also applies to cities like Phoenix and Tuscon. Towards the tourist areas (such as in Las Vegas & Williams, and the  route to Grand Canyon National Park, $2,88 ( €2,54 / £2,30 / $4,01 aus)  you pay a little bit more.

Fuel price Florida:

Florida is an advantageous state for a round trip: you pay an average of $0,60 ( €0,53 / £0,48/  $0,84 aus ) cents per liter in the entire state. You pay about $2.28 per gallon (€ 2.01 / £1,82 / $3,17 aus). If you want to fill up in popular cities such as Miami, Fort Lauderdale or Boca Raton, you pay around $ 2.46 per gallon (€ 0.57 / £0,52 / $0,91 aus)per liter. It is therefore better to refuel just outside the city. Orlando also has the same prices as the rest of cheap Florida.

Fuel price Nevada:

The petrol price in Nevada is slightly higher than average. Especially in Las Vegas you pay more than in the surrounding areas. Per gallon you pay $2,88 ( €2,54 / £2,30 / $4,01 aus)  in the city and around $ 2.68 (€2,36 / £2,13 / $3,73 aus) in other places in the state.

Fuel price southern states:

It’s no surprise, but the oil-rich states like Texas and the surrounding southern states (Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Alabama, Georgia and North and South Carolina) have the lowest petrol price on average. You pay around $ 2.11 (€ 1.86 / £1,68 / $2,93 aus) for a gallon of gasoline.

Fuel prices America for Rental Cars

Most American rental cars run on unleaded petrol. This is often indicated in the door, but you can also check with the rental company.

The petrol price America varies per state. Or even by street. If you are in a village along Highway 1 where you can not see any other gas station in any fields or roads, you pay the main prize. The same applies if you are refueling in the most popular part of Los Angeles. It can make a lot of difference to get off the highway and to refuel a few streets futher, than on the highway itself.

Refueling on the Highway is of course always much more expensive, than just refueling outside the Highway. Take a break from the highway to fill up, and maybe you’ll see something great going further inland.

Many rental cars in America are brand new, so in that respect you are well off in terms of fuel costs. If you have a car with a more luxurious on-board computer, you can probably view the prices in your car.

Calculate fuel price for your round trip in America

An example calculation. Suppose you make a round trip in America of 2000 kilometers. You rent a car that drives 1:12. You then need 44 gallons of fuel (2000 kilometers divided by 12, divided by 3.8) times (average) $ 2.40 *. For a ride of 2,000 kilometers you have only lost $ 106 in fuel. Incredibly cheap? That’s right!

Of course, the consumption differs per car. That way your car will be used more if you rent a tough Mustang or SUV – not to mention a camper -, drive in the mountains, drive small parts in the city or long stretches on the interstate. With this example calculation, you have at least a global picture of your petrol costs.

Do not want to make a calculation yourself? Then enter your starting point and final destination in the handy Gas Cost Calculator.

Refueling in America

Refueling in America is a bit different than in some other countries. Sometimes someone is at the petrol station to help you, but usually you have to go inside at the pump shop. You pay a self-defined amount (for example $ 50, so you can fill your rental car ) and call the pump number. After this the tank is unblocked and you can refuel. The pump stops automatically when you reach 50 dollars. Do you get change? Then you just walk back into the pump shop to pick up your change. Usually the employees know exactly at which pump you have refueled.

Gas stations in America

Just like in other countries, you also have large and small petrol stations in America. Sometimes you have complete supermarkets, which call me directly the holiday feeling. You can use clean toilets, coffee and a sandwich on the go. Of course you also have dirty, small pump shops with a toilet where you would rather not go. Then just find a fastfood restaurant in the area.

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