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Stay at a Ranch | The ultimate Wild West feeling

Spending the night at a ranch in America gives you the ultimate Wild West feeling! At a ranch you get to know farmer life in America in a unique way.

Some ranches know the luxury of a resort, including swimming pool and hot tub. On other ranches you really go back in time and you roll up your sleeves. You then go with ‘cattle drives’ and help during ‘hay rides’. No matter how different it sounds, the ranches have one thing in common: horses. In addition to riding through the beautiful surroundings, many ranches provide other outdoor activities such as hiking, rafting and archery. 

There are different types of ranches:

  • Guest Ranch:
  • A typical ‘dude ranch’, where you usually stay for a few days. 3-7 nights is standard. At Guest Ranches there is a daily program, with horse riding and other ranch activities. In the evening there is entertainment and you eat ‘family style’. That means: at large tables, together with the other guests.
  • Resort Ranch:
  • The Resort Ranches are a bit more luxurious. There are additional facilities such as tennis courts and swimming pools. The meals are usually also more luxurious. In some ranches you can choose from a number of different dishes.
  • Working Ranch:
  • The most basic ranch is a Working Ranch. Here you do not lean back lazily, but you are involved in daily activities. For example, you keep yourself busy taking care of the cattle and the horses. The rooms are standard but comfortable. You eat together with the ranch staff.

There are ranches in different states. Click on the state below!

Arizona (4) / Colorado (12) / Idaho (4) / Montana (11) / South Dakota (1) 
Texas (3) / Utah (2) / Wyoming (11)



South Dakota 

The rest of the states will be added soon

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