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Taking luggage to America | Conditions and Information

Taking luggage to America; For all flight companies flying to North America there are special conditions regarding the amount of baggage that you as a traveler can take to America.

Conditions and Information

You can only carry one (1) suitcase in the hold baggage with most companies. The volume of the case (length + width + height) must not exceed 158 centimeters. The weight of this baggage must not exceed 23 kilos (50 lbs). A second suitcase of max. 23 kilos can be booked for your trip against payment. You can take different luggage, such as a wheelchair, bicycle, golf bag or surfboard, but you must request this separately.

1 piece of hand luggage is allowed in the cabin. The volume (length (50) + width (40) + height (25)) of this must not exceed 115 cm. You can take a camera, handbag, reading material and / or baby supplies on board. Keep your important and valuable items in your hand luggage. It is permitted to take prescribed and non-prescribed medicines in the hand luggage, provided that it concerns acceptable quantities. You must have a medical passport with you for prescribed medication. Also make sure that you do not have sharp objects such as nail scissors or a pocket knife in the hand luggage. Home-transported liquids and sprays may only be carried in small packages of up to 100 milliliters.

Children aged 2 to 12 who travel with a discount are entitled to their own seat and may therefore bring the same amount of baggage as an adult. This arrangement does not apply to babies (up to 2 years). Everything you need for the care of your baby is of course allowed on board. If you take more than 23 kilos per person, you pay an extra amount for each kilogram.

If you travel to the United States, you may not lock your baggage. The American authorities are happy to check your luggage. If this has been checked, you will always find a confirmation of this in your suitcase. However, there are special TSA (Transportation Security Administration) locks for sale that you can use to close your suitcase. Security agents can open them (and close them again) with a special runner. You can buy these locks here …

The conditions relating to carrying baggage to America are sometimes changed by the airlines. Always check the website or information you get from the airline.

What happens to your luggage when you have to change from airplane?

Often your bags are labeled by the final destination, this means that you only have to pick them up at the final destination. Do you have a stopover with a follow-up flight? If you are transferring to the United States, you will have to pick up your bags yourself on arrival at the first airport! After you have been through Customs, you can often lose them after a not too long time and then transport them to the right aircraft. This is not necessary for the return journey. Your suitcases will only appear on the baggage claim at the final destination.

Lost your luggage, what now?

If you do not find your luggage on arrival at the airport, report it to the airport at the relevant company. They will fill in a property irregularity report there. You will always receive a copy of this. This report contains personal details, type, color, brand and contents of the suitcases. And do not forget to pass on the flight details. You can then expect your properties back within two days. For the above reasons, it is therefore always wise to provide your luggage fully, on the inside and outside, with your address details. (Do not leave the home address, so malicious people do not know who they can break into undisturbed) Tip … take a picture of your luggage on your phone (and possibly the inside), so you can always show how he looks like and what is in it ..

If your suitcases are not found, you must fill in a baggage inventory form per suitcase. Here you state the details of your (travel) insurance company outside your flight and address details. You should state the contents of the suitcase as detailed as possible (tip: make a list of what you carry in your luggage). It is also handy to take a picture of all your suitcases, so that you can give a specific description in case of missing. With current smartphones this should not be a problem. The airline will continue to deal with the case in consultation with the insurance company. We naturally hope that your holiday to America runs smoothly!

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