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Bringing medicine to America

Do you want to bring your medicine to America? That is possible, however, if you use medication and have to take it with you on holiday, it is advisable to ask your pharmacy or general practitioner for a medicine passport.

Medication passport

It describes in the English language which medicines you use and indicated that they are necessary for your health. If it the medicine contain a kind of drugs, such as pills for your heart, you should have a statement written by your doctor. This explains the use, including the amount of medication you need. Your doctor can provide information about whether your medicines have drugs or addictive substances. It is advisable to keep your medicines in your hand luggage, so that you always have them immediately available.

Read here what the consulate writes about taking medicines to the United States:

Narcotics and dangerous drugs are forbidden for access. There are serious civil and / or criminal sanctions if you take them anyway. Concerta and Ritalin are approved medicines. Give all medicines to customs when entering the United States.

A traveler who carries prescribed medication (eg cough medicine, diuretics, medicines for the heart, sedatives, sleeping pills, antidepressants, stimulants, diabetes medication, etc.) must take into account the following:

  • All drugs, medicines and similar products must be identifiable. (original packaging)
  • Only carry an amount of what is normally used by an individual who has the health problem for which the drugs or medicines are needed.
  • Have a current prescription or a written statement from your doctor with you, stating that the medicine is used under prescription by a doctor and that it is necessary for your physical well-being while traveling.
  • The doctor’s statement should contain the name and exact amount of the medication that you take with you to the USA.
  • Carry all medication in hand baggage (including needles for diabetics), even in case of loss of baggage.
  • It is recommended to request a medical passport at the pharmacy / doctor.

Bringin medicine to America

Not all medicines are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or authorized in the United States. More information, including a list of approved medicines can be found in the FDA Orange Book.

You must check yourself whether your medicines are authorized in the United States, we can not do this for you.

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