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8 Best places| To Celebrate Halloween in the USA

As soon as it is October, it starts to itch to many Americans. The American supermarkets are full of trick-or-treat candy again, there is brainstorming about the most annoying outfits of the year and all of a sudden it’s okay that there are lots of cobwebs hanging through your house. It’s Halloween, time to get spooky!

If you are on vacation in America in October, you can experience it all. Walk through neighborhoods that turn into one big haunted house or turn a pumpkin into a scary lantern. And count down until the shudder really starts on October 31st.

So do you fancy a party during your trip through America? Or do you want to be frightened by ghosts, witches and other creeps? We give away the 8 best places to celebrate Halloween in America!

New York

New York likes to play big, so Halloween is also celebrated extensively. Dance up to the Halloween parties late into the night, or let yourself be scared to death during the Blackout. In this haunted house you are chased by terrifying actors. This is only for the real Daredevils: it seems to be one of the scariest haunted house experiences of America.

Prefer a happier Halloween? Then go to the Village Halloween Parade in Manhattan. Put on your Halloween costume, because you too can walk along! Walk through New York in a procession full of dolls, musicians, dancers and artists.


If you love Salem’s history revolving around witches and magic, you’ll be fascinated by the month-long Festival of the Dead. There’s nightly psychic readings, parnormal adventures, and the Salem Witches’ Magic Circle. Over 500,00 people come to visit the town in the month of October

Sleepy Hollow, New York

The location fort he legend of the Headless Horseman comes alive during Halloween time. There are cemetery Tours, a haunted house, haunted hayrides and tons of other events. Horseman’s Hollow transforms into a scary attraction ruled by vampires, witches, undead soldiers, ghouls, and ghosts, all lead by the Headless Horseman himself.

New Orleans

Are the Halloween Horror Nights too scary? Then you can also choose to travel to The City of Voodoo. Learn the history behind these voodoo practices in one of the shops in the French Quarter. According to some people in New Orleans it is haunted there …

And that is being celebrated! Join the party people and wait for the Krewe of Boo to pass, the official Halloween parade of New Orleans. See carts with the largest papier-mâché creations in front of your nose and dance to jazz music played by musical skeletons. Afterwards you dance the night with all the creeps around you.

Universal Studio’s, Los Angeles

Ahhh! Suddenly there is a zombie in front of you. With kinking knees you get lost in a maze full of vampires, witches and other monsters. Because during the Halloween Horror Nights, the Hollywood world of Universal Studios at Los Angeles turns into a real nightmare.

You imagine yourself in the world of Saw, The Shining, Chucky, The Walking Dead and other horror stories. Feel the shivers run over your back during shows, scream as hard as you can in the roller coaster and try to survive the haunted houses. Do you dare?

Louisville, Kentucky

In Iroquois Park, 5,000 pumpkins line a quarter-mile walking trail and brighten up the night. Many of the carvings at the Jack-O-Latern-Spectacular are very elaborate. The trail is open late at night so you can enjoy the glowing splendor for hours.

Queen Mary, California

The Queen Mary puts in its Halloween event, Dark Harbor, every year, and it never disappoints. There are 10 terrufying haunted houses aboard the ship, several of them being scary mazes that are difficult to escape.

Romeo, Michigan

This street of homes is Famous for its ridiculous and incredible Halloween decorations. It’s created by a dedicated group of homeowners and over 30 houses create an elaborate display. Each of those houses hands out over 2,000 pieces of candy in Halloween – that’s a lot of trick-or-treaters! You can come and admireall of the homes starting the week before Halloween. You won’t be disappointed, that’s for sure.

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