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Disney World

‘Let dreams come true,’ Walt Disney wanted with his Walt Disney World Resort. And it worked! You meet Mickey Mouse, yell the lungs out of your body in the Rock ‘n Roller Coaster and slide off high slides. Welcome to the happiest place on earth!

Disney World in Orlando consists of four amusement parks, two water parks and dozens of holiday resorts. The Magic Kingdom Park, the original amusement park from 1971, still attracts the most visitors. To experience all the attractions and visit all the parks, you can spend a few days to a week on your vacation in Disney World.

Magic Kingdom

In Magic Kingdom you walk through the American Main Street to the famous Cinderella Castle. You meet Mickey Mouse, the air is shot into the Space Mountain, sails through It’s a small world and flies with Peter Pan. In the evening you can watch the spectacular fireworks show that shines over the castle of Cinderella.

Epcot, the second park, is more focused on education and takes you on a journey to the future. Epcot is an abbreviation for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. You recognize Epcot by the large round sphere that stands in the middle of the park: the Spaceship Earth. During the Epcot Food & Wine Festival you will roam past eateries from all corners of the world. Epcot is the largest park in Disney World Orlando.

Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios is the smallest park of Walt Disney World in terms of surface area, but still offers enough entertainment. You make a journey through the world of film and television. For example, play a scene in a familiar film set, learn how a cartoon film is made or record live recordings of a television production.

Of course there are also various attractions in this part of the theme park. In the The Twilight Zone Tower or Terror you step into an elevator that descends dozens of meters. The Rock ‘n Roller coaster is one of the most popular roller coasters in Disney World. In the spectacular limousine roller coaster you will attend an Aerosmith concert.

Animal Kingdom

Last but not least: Animal Kingdom. This park is the last addition to Disney World and is completely focused on the conservation of animals. You go on a real safari, spot birds, but also meet famous disney figures. In the steel Expedition Everest rollercoaster you will meet the Yeti on Mount Everest.

A holiday at Disney World is complete with a visit to Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and Disney’s Blizzard Beach. These water parks offer cooling in the hot Florida sun. Florida has a (sub) tropical climate with almost every day of the year sun. Slowly glide around on a rubber band, go from dozens of meters high slides or swim between the sharks and rays.

Disney World resorts

When you spend a few days on your vacation to Disney World, you stay in one of the dozens of hotels on the grounds of the park or beyond. Choose from one of the many Disney resorts if you want to stay close to the parks.

Are you looking for something cheaper accommodation, then look outside Disney World. Orlando is a large tourism-oriented city with a huge range of hotels, apartments and resorts.

Tickets Disney World

It is wise to pre-order your tickets for Disney World. This saves you a lot of time because you do not have to queue when you arrive at the park. On the website of Disney World you can order your ticket and find more practical information.

The Fastpass + service is also included in the ticket price. This will skip part of the row at the most visited attractions. Before you visit the park, look for a few attractions that you definitely want to visit and join the queue via the app. When you arrive at the park, you go to the Fast Lane at the indicated time. So you take place much faster in your favorite roller coaster!

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