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With your credit card to America |Reasons why

In the United States it is very common to pay with your credit card. Sometimes it is even the only way. Fortunately, travelers only benefit from this. Paying with your credit card is easier, safer and not to forget: cheaper.



Your credit card is accepted almost everywhere in the United States. You easily book and pay for domestic flights, overnight stays, bills and much more. And if you still need cash, you can withdraw money with your credit card at an ATM.


It may be an open door, but if you do not carry cash with you, you can not lose it either. On the other hand, payments with your credit card are safe and reliable and you often receive additional guarantees and insurances. Read the conditions with your card issuing authority.


Research from Mastercard shows that paying abroad is the cheapest with a credit or debit card. The most expensive option is to withdraw money. This is because – in addition to a price surcharge – additional costs are connected to the bank. Our advice is to take all the cash that you think you need, in one go and pay where possible with your credit or debit card.


Welcome everywhere

From small payment to large booking; in America one will not be surprised by your credit card. So whether you shop at Walmart, take a ride with Uber, make a booking at a hotel, buy a souvenir at the corner of the street or pay toll from the Golden Gate Bridge, remember that you are always welcome with your credit card.

Before you leave

To make paying with your credit card even safer, a PIN code is increasingly required. If you do not know him, ask for a new one before departure. For a debit card it is necessary to indicate to your bank that you will use it outside of Europe. Adjusting can often be done quickly and easily at the most banks through the internet or mobile banking.


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