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Accommodations in America

In the United States you have the choice of a very wide range of accommodations. You can make it as crazy as you want. From luxurious five star hotels to simple motels along the well-known highways.

The nice thing about the accommodations in the US is that you can spend the night with every budget. Are you going for adventure, and do you spend the night in a tent in a vast nature reserve? Or do you let yourself be served at an excitatory hotel in trendy Los Angeles? You have the choice yourself.

Hotels America

In the United States, you have a number of well-known hotel chains that are so large that they operate international. An example of this is the Four Seasons or the Marriott hotel. Do you have a smaller budget, but do you prefer a hotel chain? Take a look at Best Western or Holiday Inn.

In addition to the well-known hotel chains, there are plenty of other hotels that are not connected to a chain. It can therefore be difficult to estimate the quality of these hotels. By reading reviews on the internet beforehand, you often get a good impression of the hotel. Search, compare and easily book your hotel online

A hostel is a cheaper alternative to a hotel or apartment and is therefore especially popular among young people and backpackers. A hostel is cheaper because you share a room with several people. Often there is a shared kitchen and the bathroom you share with several people.

Hostels America

Do you travel alone? When you spend the night in a hostel, you can easily meet new people.


Apartment America

An apartment is often rented out per week, and is useful when you stay somewhere for a longer period of time. Apartments are often offered in medium and large cities and the prices are generally equal to a good-quality hotel room.

In New York there are also apartment chains. You hereby rent an apartment in the same way that you normally book a hotel room. It’s that easy, and safe!


Bed & Breakfast VS

With Bed & Breakfasts you can taste the authentic atmosphere of typical American families. The owners often stop a lot of attention in the decoration of the rooms which gives a unique atmosphere. Especially in the south of the US, Bed & Breakfasts are common and you can not ignore an overnight stay there.


Campsites America

Do you like some more adventure? America has many nature reserves and what is more than spending the night in the open air? The rules are often less strict, so you can for example just light your own fire in the evening.

When you spend the night at a campsite, it is nice to visit the local rangers. They know the environment like no other. Be informed by them, and do not forget to ask for fun facts and background stories.


What is typical for accommodations in the United States?

Almost every accommodation in the US contains a Bible. These are normally in the drawer of your bedside table. When you wake up the next morning, you will notice that there is a newspaper on your doormat. This way you can read the news while eating your breakfast.

The standard breakfast in America is also called continental breakfast. This breakfast often consists of bread, fruit, yoghurt and cereal. Although the continental breakfast is included in some accommodations, you often have to pay for it nowadays.  

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