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Savannah | The pearl of the south on the east coast

The American Antebellum architecture with plantations and country houses, long history, southern charms and hospitality make Savannah a popular tourist city. The nickname is ‘The Hostess City of the South’

It is sometimes said that Savannah has two faces. Where sister city Charleston is a refined, cultural center, Savannah is the ‘bad girl’ with festivals and student parties. Famous is the St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the spring, which is one of the largest in the country. There is also a whole industry around the rumor that it is haunted in Savannah.


Sights & activities

Historic District
The town of Savannah is visited annually by millions of tourists and has been crowned National Historic Landmark for its historical importance. The center consists of more than twenty old squares, each with its own rustic atmosphere that is inspired by the existing buildings and monuments. Worth seeing buildings (also inside) are the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, the Owens-Thomas House and the Mercer-Williams House. A green oasis in the south historic center is Forsyth Park, with a beautiful fountain, monuments and gardens. On Saturday there is a market.


Savannah History Museum
The Savannah History Museum is a suitable place to start your visit to the Historic District. You get a good picture of the past of the city. Opposite the museum is the Battlefield Memorial Park, with a monument to the hundreds of soldiers who died there in 1779 (during the War of Independence)


Telfair Museum of Art
Visit this Museum Savannah. In this museum you will find the Bird Girl sculpture that adorns the cover of Midnight in the Garden and Good and Evil. There is also silver from the eighteenth century and a colossal oil painting of the Hundred Years War. For modern art you can go to the Jepson Center for the Arts; in this modern building both art from the twentieth and the twentieth century can be seen.


America’s Most Haunted City
Bonaventure Cemetery. In Savannah you can hardly escape the ‘dark’ side of the city. Stories about ghosts, haunted houses and bewitched cemeteries make Savannah America’s Most Haunted City. Almost every building in the historic district has a ghost story, such as Pirate’s House with its secret corridors and tunnels from the seventeenth century and Sorrel-Weed House (1840), which stands on the grave of hundreds of victims from the Siege of Savannah, one of the bloodiest blows from the War of Independence. Wright Square is one of the squares where it haunts. There have been two hangings, and according to locals this is the reason why it is the only square where no Spanish moss hangs from the tree branches. Take a look at the Bonaventure Cemetery, which has many unusual gravestones and is known from the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.


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Skidaway Island State Park
If you do not travel south beyond Savannah during your trip, you can visit Skidaway Island State Park to get a good idea of nature in the Deep South of America. Between the forests full of palm trees and subtropical vegetation are rivers of grass and saltwater marshes. Natural residents are skunks, deer and crabs. You can walk, cycle, climb an observation tower, camp and view exhibitions in the visitor center. The park is a half hour drive south of Savannah.


The small Old Fort Jackson, near the historic center on the Savannah River, is the oldest in the state. Already in the War of 1812 soldiers were stationed. More impressive is Fort Pulaski, a fifteen minute drive outside Savannah on US 80 (East). The fort, complete with drawbridges, moat, cemetery and artillery holes from the American Civil War, is a national monument and open to the public. You can get to know Fort Pulaski and its beautiful natural beauty through various (short) walking routes, such as the North Pier Trail and the Lighthouse Overlook Trail, where you have a beautiful view of the lighthouse, the Savannah River and Tybee Island. Impressive is the McQueens Island Rails to Trails, where you walk 9,6 kilometers on a former train track to the beaches of Tybee Island.


Hilton Head Island
Hilton Head Island in Georgia has beautiful beach walks Golfers should definitely visit Hilton Head Island northeast of Savannah. There are several golf courses, some belonging to private residences. These residences sometimes contain a whole residential area, which then bears the name ‘plantation’.


Hunting Island State Park
In South Carolina between Charleston and Savannah is Hunting Island State Park. Do you drive from Savannah to Charleston or vice versa? Then consider visiting Hunting Island State Park (South Carolina). It is about an hour, but in return you can picnic in an almost tropical spot between palm trees on a white sandy beach. Climb the lighthouse for a great view and walk along the lagoon, where sometimes dolphins are spotted. In the marshes of this park, the Vietnam scenes for the film Forrest Gump are recorded. Along the way you will pass through the place Beaufort (pronounce: ‘bjoe-fur’), which often serves as a set for Hollywood films about the South.


Savannah has a humid subtropical climate. This climate is normally characterized by very hot, humid summers and cool winters. Due to the influence of the Atlantic coast, however, Savannah has somewhat milder winters and the summers are generally cooler than in the interior of Georgia. The maximums are between 15 and 21 degrees from November to March. In May temperatures are just under thirty degrees. In the months thereafter it is high summer, in June through September temperatures just above thirty degrees are the rule rather than the exception. Precipitation falls in the summer during short, but violent (thunderstorm) showers, while in the winter it rains less and there is hardly any snow.

Best travel time to Savannah, Georgia
The best travel time for Savannah in Georgia is from February to May and August to December, where you have a mild to hot temperature and little to moderate rainfall. The highest average temperature in Savannah is 34 ° in July and the lowest is 15 ° in January.


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