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A Iconic Roadtrip USA |The Blue Ridge Parkway

Spectacular peaks, green meadows where the cows graze or a view of an endless valley; a new surprise awaits you after every turn. The Blue Ridge Parkway is one of the most beautiful routes in the east of America


The winding road takes you in a few days along the Blue Ridge Mountains. This tour of America starts in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and leads you all the way to the Shenandoah National Park. Take the Indian Summer with you while you are driving your car over the Blue Ridge Parkway.


Sightseeing along the Blue Ridge Parkway

Your adventure on the Blue Ridge Parkway starts in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. From the Appalachians you can see a huge gray monolith rising up. The 1300-meter high Looking Glass Rock is very popular among climbers and whoever gets to the top enjoys a beautiful view of the Blue Ridge Parkway. A good start to this breathtaking trip through America.



On a short two-hour drive through North Carolina you will find the next stop of the journey: the Linville Falls. Several hiking trails take you to beautiful vantage points to view these waterfalls in full glory.

Just across the border with Virginia you reach the picturesque Mabry Mill, a popular attraction on the Blue Ridge Parkway. This old water mill was built in 1905 by Edwin Boston Mabry and is perhaps one of the most photographed places in America. A visit to Mabry Mill teaches you more about the mountain industry of the early 20th century, the grain mill and the sawmill have been restored and therefore still in operation.

Adress Blue Ridge Pkwy, Meadows of Dan, VA 24120, US



If you continue driving in a northerly direction you will pass the Roanoke River near Roanoke. Stop here at the Roanoke River Gorge for an amazing panoramic view over the river. A tip for those who have the time: take the exit to Virginia’s Explore Park where you can admire a miniature model of the Blue Ridge Parkway in the visitor center. This gives you a good picture of the total itinerary and what you encounter on the way.

The end of the Blue Ridge Parkway is almost in sight, but not before you have made a stop at the Natural Bridge of Virginia. This 66 meter high rock formation looks like a bridge that connects two mountain walls, very impressive to see. After this you drive to the southern part of Shenandoah National Park, the final destination of your trip through America. Anyone who wants to see and discover this national park better, continues his or her journey via Skyline Drive, even though such a wonderful itinerary through the breathtaking nature of America.



Best travel time for the Blue Ridge Parkway

The nature along the winding roads of the Blue Ridge Parkway is according to many at its best during the autumn. The leaves change color from dark red to yellow gold and the Indian Summer ensures that the temperature is mild and pleasant. But this trip through America is wonderful to travel in various ways between May and October. In the spring you can enjoy all the flowers and plants that are in bloom and in the summer the warm temperature gives you that real holiday feeling.

Whether you drive the full 755 kilometers of the Blue Ridge Parkway or just part of it, make sure you have enough time! Nature on the way is so overwhelming, you want to take the time to enjoy it. We recommend that you take three to five days to drive the entire Blue Ridge Parkway. Do you have more time left? Then attach the Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah National Park to it.


Travel directions

The Blue Ridge Parkway can be driven from north to south and vice versa. Whether you start in Virginia and end in North Carolina, nature along the route always remains the same. From Atlanta you drive in about three hours to the beginning of the itinerary, Cherokee. Do you prefer to drive the route the other way around? Then start in Washington D.C. which is about three hours away from the point where the Skyline Drive turns into the Blue Ridge Parkway. Furthermore, the route follows automatically, getting lost on the Blue Ridge Parkway is almost impossible!

The best way to explore the fabulous roads and nature is to rent a car or camper. Due to the low speed limit, chances are that you will encounter all kinds of wildlife such as deer and foxes along the way. There are also public buses on the Blue Ridge Parkway, but they do not stop wherever you want, so own transport is a lot more convenient. Do you find it cozier to travel with others? Then of course it is also possible to visit the Blue Ridge Parkway with a group trip.



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  1. I have traveled here once, MANY years ago (20, maybe?), but would like to go back. It is certainly a gorgeous drive, with awe-inspiring views. I especially like the water mill with fall foliage. SO beautiful!


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