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A Iconic Roadtrip USA | Extraterrestrial Highway

If you are a big UFO buff and want to take a search for “objects of interest” and help find aliens, there is one certain area of the United States that is just perfect. No, we aren’t talking about Area 51 (we’ll get to that later), we are talking about the Extraterrestrial Highway. 


If you don’t know what you’re looking for, State Route 375 may seem like an ordinary stretch of road, but for those who believe in alien life, this is a pilgrimage site better known as the Extraterrestrial Highway.


Nevada State Route 375 is a boring stretch of road that runs for 98 miles in south-central Nevada. The route runs from State Route 318 in Crystal Springs Nevada to US Route 6 in Warm Springs and at first glance, would just be another run of desert road, but Nevada State Route 375 is special due to the amount of UFO sightings and with a number of sightings has earned the nickname and later official designation as the Extraterrestrial Highway. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that this highway is in near to the infamous Area 51, the location of alleged extraterrestrial research by the US government.


ET Fresh Jerky
This is a snack and restroom stop with a sense of humour. The first thing that will caught your eye is the giant billboard inviting you to, “Drop your toxic waste in the cleanest restrooms in Area 51”!
Inside you will found an array of alien-themed snacks, including bottles of martian soda. The lady who runs the shop will invite you to sign her wall and leave a message for aliens.

Address: 12600 US-93, Hiko, NV 89017



Extraterrestrial Highway Sign
If you’re driving the Extraterrestrial Highway and you want some photographic evidence to prove you’ve done so, you’ll want to plan a quick stop at the ET Highway route marker.
There are a handful of these signs scattered along the drive, but the most famous of them all is at the intersection of US-375 and US-318 on the way to the Alien Research Center.
This sign has been covered in stickers to the point where you can barely make out the word ‘Extraterrestrial’ but it’s a classic roadside attraction.
You’ll also find a nice little picnic stop underneath the trees here, where you can enjoy your spoils from ET Fresh Jerky.

Address: At the split between US-375 and US-318



Alien Research Center
From there you can continue on to the Alien Research Centre which is hard to miss!  They have loads of awesome UFO and alien-themed souvenirs, and an actual research area. Plus, the outside offers a pretty awesome photo-op ( an airplane hangar with a towering, silver alien out front) , even if the place is closed.

The hours listed online say the Alien Research Center is closed Monday and Tuesday, and open Wednesday to Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m
Address: 100 Extraterrestrial Hwy, Hiko, NV 89017


The Black Mailbox
Once upon a time, the Extraterrestrial Highway was home to a mysterious mailbox that listed the names of two recipients: one large box for local rancher Steve Medlin, and one smaller box for Alien.
Then someone went ahead and stole it!
While the original mailbox is long gone, alien enthusiasts have created a shrine of sorts where the original black mailbox once stood. Today you’ll find a smaller black mailbox where people have stuffed letters, mementoes, and scraps of paper with home addresses…perhaps expecting an alien visit?

Other random items at the site include a folding metal chair, a farmer’s hat, beer bottles, bracelets and coins. Some visitors have even gone as far as using pebbles to outline alien faces in the surrounding landscap.

The so-called “Black Mailbox” on SR-375, near Rachel. It was commonly used as a gathering place for UFO seekers.


Little A’le’inn
When you hit the road again and continued towards Rachel, a tiny town whose claim to fame is the Little A’le’inn – a.k.a. the Little Alien, get it?

The establishment is part motel, part bar and part restaurant, and it draws quite a few intrepid alien seekers considering its remote location. 

As is to be expected, the Little A’le’inn has some serious alien-themed decor both inside and outside. Out front, you can spot a UFO-towing pick-up truck and a green alien welcoming earthlings, while inside you are surrounded by Area 51 warning signs and all sorts of alien-themed souvenirs. 

Address: 9631 Old Mill Rd, Rachel, NV 89001



Area 51
After having a bite at the Little A’Le’Inn you can head over near Area 51 to check out the action for yourself. Of course, Area 51 itself is off-limits to most everybody but your best chance to sneak a peek at this infamous site comes with a hike over Tikaboo Peakwhich offers your best views. Be prepared for a tough hike, it’s steep! The steep hike will take about two hours, so best to come prepared with flashlights and other supplies.


Pro Tip: Don’t attempt to ​drive to the front gate of Area 51, no matter how curious you are. Area 51 is still a shoot first, ask questions later government installation. Travel there at your own risk!


Lunar Crater
One last fun stop comes with a visit to Lunar Crater National Natural Landmark in the nearby Great Basin Desert. Geologists say that the crater was created by neither an alien nor anything extraterrestrial such as a meteor, but that’s just what they say, it could be a cover-up



And, if you’re in the mood for some extraterrestrial camping, pull in for the night at Lower Pahranagat Lake Campground. It’s in a pretty remote and isolated part of the state, which is perfect for uninterrupted UFO-spotting and stargazing.

The Extraterrestrial Highway also has tons of supposed UFO crash sites along the way. Naturally, these aren’t much to look at now (because, depending on who you ask, the government scrubbed the areas of evidence years ago, or nothing happened), but maybe being in the area will improve your chances of a sighting. Keep your eyes peeled at all times! One alleged site is in Ely, Nevada, another is in Kingman, Arizona, and two are in New Mexico.




We highly suggest camping or RVing the route as a day or weekend trip from Las Vegas…being in a campground further away from urban areas increases your chances for abduction. Plus, the stargazing in this part of the country is unbeatable, thanks to the remote location and lack of light pollution!

So if you believe they are out there or you just need something to do near Las Vegas, try out this infamous stretch of highway known as the Extraterrestrial Highway. Who knows, you could catch a glimpse of little green men yourself.


Some final words of advice: bring water and snacks, fuel up at the last gas stop, and talk to the locals because they are full of stories they’re more than happy to share!



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