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7 Iconic Roadtrips through the Great USA

You want to plan a road trip through America, but not yet what it is going to be? You can of course just step into the car and cruise on the Highway with a nice music, or you can do one of these road trips and find out what makes them American classics! 7 Iconic road trips in America, which you must have seen!


Route 66

At the top for most American addicts among us. Route 66! This is also called the road of all roads, or The Motherroad. This route from Illinois to California was extremely popular after the Second World War and it still has that old nostalgia today.



Pacific Coast Highway

This All-American Highway (State Route 1) is literally right on the California coast, so it offers a beautiful landscape, plus there are plenty of great stops along this road! Van Leggett (You will find the Chandelier Tree, a coastal moth tree that has a two-meter-high hole in it so that cars can pass underneath), across the Golden Gate bridge, through Big Sur, and down to LA and San Diego!


Extraterrestrial Highway

Looking for an unusual journey? Although we can not really travel in space (yet), you can at least drive down the Extraterrestrial Highway (aka Nevada State Route 375). This road will take you through a beautiful, inconspicuous desert, where some beautiful remarkable (alleged ) alien encounters have occurred! Although we can not guarantee you a close encounter, at some moments you feel out of our world!

Extraterrestrial Highway (Nevada State Route 375) in Sand Spring Valley, Nevada.


Oregon Trail

From the wide-open spaces of the West to the dense urban chaos of the East, the Oregon Trail route offers the longest and most involved road trip in Road Trip USA. Connecting an exceedingly diverse range of places and totaling over 3,300 miles (5310 km)—many more if you count all the potential detours, side trips, and parallel routes—US-20 takes in a little of everything during its two-lane trek from Oregon’s rugged coast to the glorious sea and sand of Cape Cod.



Blue Ridge Parkway

This typical All-American road connects two national parks along a chain of mountains, so before you know you stand for breathtaking views! In the summer and spring you can hike from the Blue Ridge Parkway for hiking or camping, or go in the fall! An environment full of colorful leaves!



Going-to-the-Sun Road

If you visit Glacier National Park, you will have no choice but to take this beautiful ride! It is the only road that crosses the entire park. Along the way you will see a panoramic view of the mountains, clear blue glacial lakes and wooded valleys. Are you familiar with this part of the journey? Which can! Known from, The Shining, Forrest Gump and Blade Runner!




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20 thoughts on “7 Iconic Roadtrips through the Great USA”

  1. These are absolutely iconic landmarks! Great choices for your post. I have yet to see any of them but they are on my bucket list. The Extraterrestrial Highway is super cool and one that I’ve actually never heard of before… thank you for the enlightenment!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you … yes they are beautiful. Who knows what the future will bring for you. By the way, there is a new article about the The Extraterrestrial Highway. Take a look if you like, he is among the blogs. Thank you for reading my Blogs


    1. On the road there is plenty to do for children especially in the national parks 😉… children often see adventures in every trip, especially when traveling with mom and dad😍. Everything is exciting. So when you’re going to make a road trip with your children, I wish you a lot of fun..
      and please let me know what it was like😄


    1. Haha, yes delicious. And especially if you have a choice of so many beautiful routes that you can drive. Please let me know when you have made such a wonderful trip. I’m curious what you thought of it. Thank you for reading the Blog


  2. I think hubby and I would enjoy going on some of these road trips when we retire. Just like my parents did, hubby said he would like to have a motor home, take our dogs, and go traveling. I think the road trips we would like the best would be the Extraterrestrial Highway, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the Going to the Sun Road.

    Liked by 1 person

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