18 Amezing “Natural Wonders” in the United States

There are many natural wonders on this beautiful world. We gathered 18 remarkable places in the United States that inspires for a next holiday in America.


Giant Prismatic Spring – Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

This beauty is the largest hot spring you find in the US at  Yellowstone National Park and the third largest in the world, after New Zealand’s Frying Pan Lake and Boiling Lake in Dominica. The colors of the source are caused by pigmented bacteria in the water. Secretly dip your toes in it? Better not. However, you can walk around the edge for a cool photo.



Horsetail Fall – Yosemite National Park, California

This season-dependent waterfall in Yosemite park is reminiscent of Mordor from Lord of the Rings, but not an all-devouring one. The yellow-red glow comes from the sun that sometimes appears on the waterfalls.



Fly Geyser – Nevada

Drive 2 ½ hours from Reno and you will reach the Fly Geyser. This originated because in 1964 drilled for sources for geothermal energy. Minerals came out of the hole to form this bizarre formation. The Fly Geyser is on private property so do not try to climb the high fences that fence him. But the geyser is so extensive that you can easily take a nice picture from the road.



Mono Lake – California

From the moment you see Mono Lake, you think you’ve landed on another planet. Snow-covered mountains surround this salty, blue lake with a lot of tuff (stone of volcanic material) and limestone columns formed by the salt content in the water.



The Wave – Arizona

It took millions of years for the wind to erode the Navajo sandstone in the Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs of Arizona to create this hallucinogenic, very photogenic formation.



Glass Beach – Fort Bragg, California

Let’s go back to the not so good times around 1900, when the locals threw all kinds of garbage over the cliffs on the lower beach. Decades later it appears that the Pacific Ocean would not have the glass and earthenware alone, those pieces have now been carved and smoothed, after years of erosion, and cover the beach.



Northern Lights – Alaska

The dancing light curtains of the Noorderlicht are a true phenomenon. Spend a visit to Fairbanks or Anchorage in Alaska between 20 April and September and you will experience it.



Sequoia National Park – California

Feel smaller than small if you are standing next to a sequoia. These trees are just as big as a soccer field is long. The biggest of the bunch is the General Sherman Tree – it goes up some 83 meters and is said to be about 2500 years old.



Thor’s Well – Oregon

If you go to Oregon’s Cape Perpetua an hour after the flood, you can expect a great show at Thor’s Well. This saltwater fountain makes its show from the power of the tide and is very dangerous. So enjoy it from a safe distance.



Mendenhall Glacier Caves – Alaska

If you are ever in Juneau, Alaska, put a trip to these caves on your list. The ice caves in this 25 km long glacier in the heart of Mendenhall Valley give you the feeling that you are walking through a tunnel of shiny clouds.



Oneota Gorge – Oregon

This may look like a fairy tale but it is in Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge. In the summer it is wonderful to walk here and see how the ferns and moss cover the walls.

Oneonta Gorge I


Dry Tortugas National Park – Florida

Yes, there is something nicer on top of the unrestrained fun of Key West. Drive west for more than 100 kilometers to reach Dry Tortugas National Park. Here is also Fort Jefferson, an unfinished fortress with which the US Navy started in 1847. This place is real, but really remote from the rest of the world. You can only get here by boat or seaplane. A perfect way to get away from everything and everyone.



Bonneville Salt Flats – Utah

The Bonneville Salt Flats are about what was once a prehistoric lake that covered the entire area, about 14,500 years ago. Now the Speed Week is held here in August, where racers try to establish record after record. The flats can become extremely hot in the summer, up to almost 50 degrees Celsius, so a different season is a better idea. We really recommend to go here after it has rained, the landscape turns into a large mirror.



Driftwood Beach – Jekyll Island, Georgia

A somewhat mysterious beach. You can hike or ride a horse along this secluded beach surrounded by tree branches and roots that have been shaken by erosion on the northern part of the island. Beautiful during sunset and popular as a wedding location.



White Sands National Monument – New Mexico

This spatter is a desert, but leaves the sand looking as white as snow. You can make different tours through this area to see how it is formed and which creatures make their homes in the dunes.



Skagit Valley Tulip Fields – Washington

Hundreds of thousands of visitors jump into their cars to drive through these tulip fields in the month of April. The beautiful mountains in the distance are a bonus.



Antelope Canyon – Arizona

It took the water millions of years to sharpen these rock crevices. The colors you see now change depending on the season and the time you are there. No individual walks are possible because the Navajo nation only allows guided tours. But that’s a good way to learn more about this part of the US.



Hamilton Pool Preserve – Dripping Springs, Texas

This natural swimming pool just outside of Austin, Texas, is a popular summer hangout for tourists and locals. Its history is at least remarkable: it is an underground river before the dome collapsed due to erosion.



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