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Indian Summer | 10 beautiful Autumn routes through America

” Every year the autumn of America starts at the beginning of September. The first trees color from green to yellow, red, orange, brown and sometimes even purple. 
A true color spectacle ” 


This is Indian Summer, named after the period in which the Indians used to harvest. The highlight of the discoloration is between the end of September and mid-October. New England, consisting of the 6 northeastern states, is the best environment to see this spectacle, but this is not the only place! We tell you where you have to be for the 10 beautiful Indian Summer routes through America.


Route 7, Connecticut

Within an hour’s drive from New York City to the northeast, the Indian Summer colors begin to develop. A large assortment of colors red, yellow and orange. Here the Indian Summer starts a bit later than the other routes, namely from October to November. This has to do with the climate and the location of the state of Connecticut. One of the best places to visit is Litchfield Hills. Route 7 goes through this ‘country side’. Litchfield is a nice place, but for this you have to leave Route 7 a bit. There is plenty to see here, for example you can visit a pumpkin market.

Fall season in the Housatonic River in the Litchfield Hills of Connecticut


Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia

Blue Ridge Parkway is a 469 kilometer road through several states. Most of this road is in Virginia. The road meanders through various wooded mountains and as a result you see all kinds of colors during Indian Summer. When you are here, a visit to the Natural Bridge is definitely worth it. Here you can walk, see waterfalls and there is a village reconstructed as in the stone age. Foamhenge (built from Styrofoam Stonehenge) is also not far from here. In the surroundings of Roanoke there are several vineyards and there is even a wine trail to follow; wonderful in autumn time. Peaks of Otter and Otter Creek are great places for a stop or walk. Charlottesville is not far from the Parkway. The house of Thomas Jefferson is located here and also the Academic Village (both UNESCO World Heritage), but there are several wineries, antique shops and a very attractive center where the local market takes place with products from the region. So many pumpkins in autumn.

Graveyard Fields on the Blue Ridge Parkway in autumn

Highway 89, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Located in the northwest of the state of Wyoming, a small eighteen kilometers under Yellowstone National Park. The main access road is US-89 and within the park is 75 kilometers. Interstate 89 is also called Jackson Hole Highway within the park boundaries. When you enter the park on the south side, you reach a junction with the name Moose Junction after thirteen kilometers. This is called so because here often Moose can be seen. From this junction, the Teton Park Road (left) and the Jackson Hole Highway (on the right) run more or less parallel to each other to the north. A good stop to view the colors of autumn is Snake Rever Overlook. A place on the lake with trees and mountains in the background.



Park Loop Road, Acadia National Park, Maine

Maine, the largest state in New England, is known for the pine trees. Her nickname is not called The Pine Tree State for nothing. The Acadia National Park has a varied landscape, because it lies in the woods, but also on the coast. American eagles, black bears, foxes, lynxes and coyotes are found in the park. Wonderful to see these animals, surrounded by autumn colors, to prepare for the winter. The place Bar Harbor is a cozy fishing village with colored houses in this park. Around autumn they decorate the village with hay bales, pumpkins, scarecrows and other autumn stuff.


Highway 3, Denali National Park & Preserve, Alaska

Highway 3 in Alaska is largely covered by the Denali National Park and Preserve. In this park lies the highest mountain in North America, Mount McKinley. Here autumn begins early, at the end of August. The first snow sometimes falls in mid-September, but there is always snow on the highest peaks. If you want to see the autumn colors here, you have to go early in September. The trees and grasses color orange with the snowy mountains in the background. This gives a great view.

Views to Mount Mckinley and Denali National Park in Autumn Alaska North America

Brattleboro – Newport, Vermont

Drive the I-91 from Brattleboro to Newport for the most colorful route through the Connecticut River Valley or Route 100. It will take you through the Green Mountains in the state that calls itself ‘Fall’s Color Capital’. Both are scenic routes, with the 100 even going through the entire state. Along the way there are enough villages and farms where you can buy cheese or maple syrup (kind of syrup of maple sugar). Incidentally, the state of Vermont is the most forested state in the New England region with eighty percent of forests. If you are in this area, drive a bit further to the west for the town of Stowe. Here you will find the Family Von Trapp Lodge. The Sound of Music is based on the life of the Von Trapp family. In the film, the family flees to Switzerland. In reality, the Von Trapp family fled to America in World War II and eventually settled in Stowe.



Sonoma – Napa Valley, Californië

The American autumn is beautiful in places where you do not expect it at all. For example in the California wine region between Sonoma and Napa Valley. The leaves only fall here in November, but when the time comes, you see the wine stubs in all kinds of colors. It can not be compared with another destination. Temperatures can exceed 20 degrees throughout the year. In your t-shirt walk between autumn colors with a wine in your hand can be done here. A perfect holiday feeling. And you go in a month where almost no one is on vacation – so there are few tourists – and you can travel cheaper



Boston – The Berkshires, Massachusetts

This distance can be driven via two routes, via the Coastal Wine Trail where you can see the wine pickers in this period or via the short route through Chicopee where the Housatonic River continues. This area was discovered by the pioneer Matthew Noble in 1725. Many forests have disappeared here for agriculture and villages. You see green fields and hills interspersed with dense forests. The tree colors reflect in the streams and lakes. A fantastic sight. Around this time they pick up the fruit harvest, so you see a lot of life on the fields and cars full of cranberries or apples. You can indulge in fresh fruit or home-made jams, applesauce, apple syrup or cider. The landscape alternates in white churches, antique shops and wooden mansions in all kinds of colors. The largest with huge verandas at the end of 1800 were from wealthy families such as the Vanderbilts and Carnegies.



Gatlinburg – Wears Valley, Great Smokey Mountains, Tennessee

A stay in Great Smokey Mountains is the best in Pigeon Forge. A tourist village where Dolly Parton once started an amusement park, Dollywood. Nearby is Gatlinburg from where you enter the Great Smokey Mountains. When you follow the Fighting Creek Gap Road and turn off the Wear Cove Gap Road, you end up in Wears Valley. A small route that few people drive. Therefore, the more beautiful by the rest. You can easily stop and enjoy the views. Enough places to hold a picnic between the colored trees.

The Great Smokey Mountains National Park, carpet of colors in autumn

Kancamagus Highway in the White Mountains, New Hampshire

Just like most beautiful Indian Summer routes, it is also in the northeast of America. In the White Mountains there is a stretch of the Kancamugus Highway between Conrad and Lincoln, a National Scenic Byway. This road is known for the many elks (Moose) that you encounter. You can include this highway in your round of White Mountains. Then you come across the 302, where you will find the most beautiful but less common tree, the ‘red marple’. This colors from yellow to ruby red. The other trees, Beech, Birch, Oak and Maple color to gold, yellow and orange. Covered bridges abound in this area and in colors as beautiful as the trees at this time. There are many hiking trails in the whole circle and you will find other outdoor activities such as mountain biking and zip line cable cars. But for those who do not just want outdoor, you can shop at the Settlers Green Outlet Village, eat at the dinner train or visit Flume Gorge



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