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Los Angeles | 10 Things you should definitely see

Los Angeles in California: city of dreams, City of Angels. Best known for the many celebrities who live there and her famous Hollywood sign, but also a big city in California that can be overwhelming when you’re traveling. Not surprising, because LA is the second largest city in America. Those who visit Los Angeles will be surprised in different ways.

It looks like a city that consists of smaller cities or towns that have grown together. Venice Beach and Santa Monica, for example, are close to each other in LA, but the Hollywood district is a lot of further away, and for example places like Laguna Beach or Bel Air are also part of it . So anyone who visits Los Angeles will have to prepare themselves for the sights to be fairly spread out. You will have to make quite a few miles (kilometers) to view everything. A rental car is therefore indispensable when you visit L.A., but it is even more convenient to discover Los Angeles with a hop-on-hop-off bus. You do not have to worry about traffic and parking.

Time to create some order in this great city and give you 10 beautiful tips for a visit to The City of Los Angeles!

Venice Beach

With its bustling boulevard Venice Beach is one of the most popular beaches in California. There are many sports on and around the beach. For surfers this is a great place to show their skills. Because many artistic and creative people have been drawn to Venice Beach over the years, there are plenty of galleries to visit and to admire arts. Many consider Venice Beach as the most relaxed place in Los Angeles.



Hollywood is best known for its film industry. Another famous piece of Hollywood is the Sunset Strip. This piece of about a mile and a half consists mainly of boutiques, restaurants and many billboards. The symbol of Hollywood is in the Hollywood Hills and of course these are the big letters HOLLYWOOD. Finally, you can not forget the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The stars of many celebrities lie on the pavement along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street (dont forget to watch the Chinese Theater this is also on the Walk of Fame).

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See where the stars live
Want to see where movie stars, famous musicians and other celebrities live? Book a special tour where you drive past the houses of the stars. In this way, a visit to Los Angeles just gets a little extra (star) shine.
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Beverly Hills

This city in California is best known for its many famous inhabitants. There are many huge luxury houses and other buildings. Beverly Hills is therefore also to be found in many films as a backdrop. The world’s most famous postal code zone that also includes a television series is from Beverly Hills, 90210. There are also several luxury restaurants with world-class cuisine. It is also possible to do different tours. The shopping heart of Beverly Hills is concentrated around Rodeo Drive. Rodeo Drive is a piece of shopping with more luxury designer shops and exclusive boutiques. Names like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chanel is very normal here. It is also a pleasure for the (fashion) eye to see how the shop windows are exhibited here. Of course you have also the chance to spot celebrities here.


Mulholland Drive

In 2001 David Lynch directed the film Mulholland Drive. This cult film starts on Mulholland Drive, where an accident by the lead actress forms the beginning of the story. The winding road through the hills of Los Angeles is definitely worth it. The reason we have Mulholland Drive in this top 10 is because of its beautiful views you have over San Fernando Valley and the Los Angeles basin.


Santa Monica

Santa Monica has a chic bohemian style. South of Mainstreet you will find mainly boutiques and restaurants. And on the Santa Monica State Beach is the world famous Santa Monica Pier where you have a great view and there is always plenty of fun. The wonderful beach of Santa Monica is, thanks to the pleasant climate of L.A. almost the whole year a wonderful place to stay.


Visit the film studios

Los Angeles is the city where American films and television programs are made. A large part of what can be seen worldwide on television and in cinemas comes from Los Angeles. Some film studios can be visited, such as Warner Bros. As a true VIP you can take a look behind the scenes of a real film studio.
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Central Perk cafe in the Warner Bros Studio Tour in LA. Central Perk was one of the main locations in the popular 90s tv series Friends.

Amusement parks

The city of Orlando is known as the theme park capital of the world. But lovers of amusement parks can also indulge in Los Angeles. With large theme parks such as Universal Studios, Six Flags and Disneyland you can enjoy yourself for days.  is less known, but also absolutely worth it. This is a great amusement park that is suitable for all ages. Between Los Angeles and San Diego lies the Legoland California Resort. This amusement park is easy to do from Los Angeles.
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There are various ethnic neighborhoods in Los Angeles. One that is also interesting for tourists is the Chinese district Chinatown. You can find Chinatown within Downtown L.A., near Union Station where China Town used to be located.


Griffith Park Observatory

From Griffith Park Observatory, an observatory center, you have a great view of the city. According to some, you even have the best view of Los Angeles from here, so this is definitely worth a visit during your trip. You can more than see the skyline of LA, but you also have a good view of the Hollywood letters.


Hollywood Bowl Overlook

After your visit to the Walk of Fame, drive to Mulholland Drive. This road is located in the hills of Los Angeles, so you have a beautiful view of the city along the way. If you only want to drive a small part of the route, I advise you to drive to the Hollywood Bowl Overlook. From this point you have a great view over the city. So you can only see how big Los Angeles is.


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