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Great Tips | When you travel through America with an RV

A camper trip through America offers you a lot of freedom. But how does that work with such a camper? How do you set up the cupboards and what must you never forget? Little things always go wrong along the way. To protect you from the most common mistakes, you can read  10 camper tips in this blog!


Handy to take with you

In addition to your standard luggage, you can take useful extras for your camper trip. We advise:

  • Duvet cover. The sleeping bags of motorhome rental companies are often synthetic: it is nice to bring a duvet cover to put them in. When it’s warm, use only the cover.
  • Towel. The inventory contains one or two towels per person. It is advisable to bring an extra towel. The same applies to tea and kitchen towels.
  • Dishwashing liquid. Packaging in America is often large. By filling a travel bottle with dishwashing liquid, you do not need to buy awkward litter packs on site.
  • Herbs & olive oil. A small pack of herbs (such as pepper / salt) and a mini-bottle of (olive) oil are useful if you want to cook across the ocean without buying a kilo of salt or a liter of oil.
  • World plug / inverter. Do you want to charge your laptop, camera and phone at a hook-up campsite at the same time? Then take several world plugs or a multiple plug. Tip: check at home if the charger of your laptop fits into the world plug! Also handy: a car charger with USB connection, so you can charge phones and cameras via the cigarette lighter.

Tips from travelers

  1. Ingrid says,” Take a roll of anti-slip mat with you. Ideal on the table for the children while driving, and also handy in the cupboards against sliding. “
  2. Martha says, “What is really handy to take along, are a clothesline and pegs, they really do not know that in America. So you can hang your towels to dry after swimming. “Also a laundry you can easily lose if you use a washing machine at the campsite. “
  3. Eric says, ” “It is useful to bring a fitted sheet for the mattress with you. You get a lot of undersheets (which you have to fold around the mattress) and do not sit well.”



Check the camper inventory

There is a lot of muesli on the table, but you do not have a broom? Then the camper inventory is incomplete! The camper is usually equipped with all necessary items, including broom, hand brush and can. So: check the inventory before you leave the landlord and pull it to his sleeve if something is missing or broken. If you miss something on the way, you can buy it at the supermarket ( walmart ). Small items from the standard inventory can often be declared to the lessor on presentation of the voucher. For more expensive items or doubts you have to call the road assistance for advice! This number is free if you call with a local telephone or SIM card.

Tips from travelers

  1. Tom says, “Almost everything campsites have great picnic tables, we have not rented extra chairs, something that is often asked when you pick up the camper.”
  2. Lisa says, ” We have bought a cheap camping table and cheap chairs at the Walmart, very handy when we where on the road and campingsite. “



Shop till you drop

Your first camp day usually starts in the Walmart or other large supermarket. Because supermarkets in America are very large and the crossing of all aisles with cereals and cookies takes a lot of time, it is best to store for several days. In the refrigerator (or sometimes even freezer) you can easily keep eating for several days. Prepare a shopping list in advance. Buy at least: sufficient drinking water, sandwich bags, waste bags, sponge / dishwashing brush and possibly a local SIM card with calling credit.

Tips from travelers

  1. Maria says, “At most motorhome owners, there is a rack with things that other people have left behind, where you will almost always find salt and pepper, coffee filters, charcoal, toilet paper, kitchen rolls and various items.” Checking this rack before you leave at the landlord saves some groceries again!
  2. Eric says, ” A set of disposable gloves for the whole dirty job, for example to handle the sewer hose is a must. “



Store XXL containers wisely

Many packages in America are large. A gallon of iced tea (3.8 liters) or party size (1.5 kilos) mayonnaise are not strange. Never store these giant packages in the cupboards: they fall out when there is an unexpected bump or sharp turn! To prevent heavy fright and mopping, you can store large packages in the large storage compartment on the outside of the camper, in the shower or in the sink. Open the refrigerator carefully after a ride: items can also be moved there.


Your left foot has vacation

All campers in the US are vending machines. In the beginning, your left foot will habitually find the link and sometimes find the brake. Can you get used to it? Then pull out your left shoe as a reminder that this foot does not have to do anything.



Arriving late

The reception of many campsites in America closes between 17:00 and 18:00. If you have reserved a place but are in danger of arriving late, it is wise to call the campsite on the way and ask about the procedure. Have you not booked, but is the camping reception already closed? Then you can often find information about available places and / or how to take them outside the reception.


Test the fire alarm

Then you know for sure that he is working and how the alarm should go off. The fire alarm in campers is often close to the gas stove and can be vigorous if you let your pancakes burn a little. You can use the tea towels to flutter away the smoke, but it is more pleasant for your ears and the neighbors if you can turn off the alarm quickly and at the touch of a button.



You are ready for your first night at the campsite. You walk to the sanitary building with your toothbrush and shower utensils. On the way there is the light thanks to the illuminated camper fron the neighbours, but on the way back it turns out dark … Where was your camper now again? On campsites in nature parks it is really dark at night. So take a flashlight with you when you go out in the evening!



Make a round around the camper!

Get yourself to walk around the camper after every night or longer stop. Check …

  • … The tires. A flat tire will not be noticed quickly by the double rear tires while driving.
  • … Whether the electricity cable (shoreline) and water or sewer hose are disconnected and stored in the right compartments.
  • … Are all storage compartments completely closed on the outside? That means: closed and locked. You obviously do not want to lose your bags on the highway.
  • … Are the cabinets in the camper closed properly? Also remove loose items from the table and counter. Make sure that there is nothing in the aisle that can start rolling.
  • … Is the “front door” closed and locked? Fold (if present) also the stairs in front of the door.

Do you travel with several people? Then speak who runs around the camper and who controls everything inside. Or do it together.

Had a breakdown? Do you discover a flat tire or do you forget to disconnect the shoreline? Then you call the Road Assistance: the helpdesk of the motorhome rental company for a breakdown. These can usually be called free from a telephone booth or with an American telephone / SIM card. Often this service is available 24 hours a day.


Parking and driving in a big city

Driving a motorhome in a big city like Las Vegas, San Francisco or Vancouver can be uncomfortable. We therefore advise you to put the camper in large cities on the campsite close by as quickly as possible. Some campsites have a shuttle service to the big city; from other campsites you can travel to the center by public transport or a taxi. For example, in Las Vegas you can take the campsite at Circus Circus and use the Deuce bus to commute across the Strip for a few dollars. Vancouver has Capilano RV Park, where a bus takes you to the center in twenty minutes. In the camping database you will find more of these gems.


Useful info

Reserve campsites


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