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Oregon | The secret Gem of the United States

America is one of the most versatile holiday destinations in the world, nowhere else can you find the limitless possibilities that you find here. Of the 50 states, some are huge and others are not. One of those unknown states is Oregon, a real hidden pearl of the USA as it is called.


If you should describe where Oregon is, say some people “along the lines of California “. Everyone knows California, but no one knows Oregon. This is of course a bit exaggerated, but it is necessary to emphasize that Oregon is so unknown. Almost everything California has, Oregon also has more beautiful, quieter, nicer and purer. Once you are there, you do not want to go back. Oregon is a dream destination pur sang. That sounds fun and good of course, but what makes Oregon so special? Why is it one of the most viable, dynamic and beautiful states in the United States?



The nicest city in Oregon| Portland

The big cities in Oregon are perhaps a lot smaller than San Francisco and Los Angeles, but that is also the only aspect they are inferior to these cities. The city in Oregon that literally and figuratively stands out everywhere is Portland. It is the only real big city in Oregon. It is the largest city in Oregon (it is not the capital, that is Salem) and it is a very cozy but also a bit strange city. The slogan of Portland is not for nothing keep Portland weird. This is a city where you will see people cycling with a keyboard on the back, which then stop next to a traffic light, put the keyboard on the luggage carrier and play some songs there while they are sung (falsely).

Portland is also the bicycle capital of the United States with striking bike paths. You see so many people cycling here and if you do not know better you would think you are in the Netherlands. Last but not least, Portland is the most vegan-friendly city in the United States. In Portland there is a huge vegetarian / vegan food culture where people sometimes know better than eating burgers, but meat eaters do not worry: the steaks are also just on the shelves.

If you love shopping, downtown Portland is the place to go. Americans from all over the country gather together in stores in Oregon and mainly in Portland because you do not pay sales tax or taxes. This means that many products are a lot cheaper and everyone likes that, hence the crowds. Portland also has numerous Starbucksย  but go for one of the small cozy coffee shops in the city. Eat a Voodoo donut and sports enthusiasts go to the Portland Trail Blazers, who do well in the NBA!



The Oregon coast

The west coast of the United States is perhaps one of the most beautiful and rugged coastlines in the world. Try to forget the Californian beaches, because the Oregon coast offers you a completely new experience. This coast is bursting with hidden surf beaches, picturesque towns (as far as possible here) and beautiful cliffs that are the perfect place for miraculous photo opportunities at sunset. Everyone has their own opinion, of course but the Oregon coast is at least as beautiful as the California coast, but a factor 10 calmer.

It does not matter whether you are a sun worshiper or more like hiking, in Oregon there is something for everyone. Famous is the more than 650 km long Oregon Coast Trail: a walking route that takes you on a breathtaking trip along the Pacific coast. But do not worry, if, like the average world citizen, you like that a lot, you still have plenty of choices. Do you want to lie quietly on the beach, then Pacific City is a must and if you fancy an afternoon of great surf go to Lincoln City or Otter Rock. Whatever you do there, do not forget to watch the sunset, because you will not get them nicer!



The mountains of Oregon | Mount Hood and Wallowa Mountains

Because there is something for everyone in Oregon, the mountain lover should not be forgotten. Also obsessed by the magic and the natural beauty of the mountains? Then you rise literally and figuratively to great heights here in Oregon. Oregon’s most famous mountain is Mount Hood, a winter sports paradise in the winter and a paradise for hikers, mountain bikers and anyone who has had outdoor blood flowing through its veins in the summer. But Mount Hood is not the only highlight, it is more. The Wallowa Mountains. This mountain range is located in the far east of Oregon and is also known as Little Alps. Why? Because the peaks are just as steep and the mountain range is just as overwhelmingly beautiful and mysterious as the European pride!

As much freedom as you have in the Wallowa Mountains is incomprehensible to us toerists. You can actually go anywhere you want and the number of activities you can do there is overwhelming. We recommend cross-country skiing, hiking, mountain biking and kayaking. Are you at Mount Hood and the Wallowa Mountains you can always visit the Columbia River Gorge. This is a canyon where the Columbia River (you know, Columbia that famous outdoors brand) flows through. The Canyon was formed 17 million years ago and on these ancient grounds the Paradiso festival is held every year. Google the concepts Columbia River Gorge and Paradiso and I promise that you immediately book a ticket to Oregon and one for Paradiso!



Oregon is the mecca for … well for who? The answer is short and concise and you will probably not be surprised, for everyone! Do you like dynamic cities, love nature, love friendly people and love traveling and generally speaking, Oregon is the place to be. So the next time you think of a trip to California, stick Oregon a few weeks to it and who knows you will never come back!


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