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How to Pay Toll roads in America

If you are going to tour in the northeast of America and in the state of Florida then you will find a number of toll roads. It is so useful to know in advance what your best options are for the payment on these toll roads.


In the Southwest of America there are few toll roads, so you can do just fine with your credit card or cash. You will only encounter a tollgate here once. In Florida and in the northeast, particularly the New England region, it is a lot more crowded than in the other parts of America, which also makes the road network more extensive. Here you will drive faster on the interstates and toll roads because it saves a lot of time and the smaller roads do not always have many extras to offer. Especially along the coast in the states of Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts you will regularly drive bits along a toll road.


At the car rental locations in Florida and in the Northeast it is therefore possible to hire a so-called Toll Pass Device when you pick up your car for about $ 20.00. Place this box on your windshield. You can then use the E-ZPass gates and you do not have to stop, but you can drive straight on. The Toll Pass Device is linked to your credit card and when driving through the gates the box is scanned and the barrier opens. The toll amount is debited directly from your credit card. This saves waiting and hassle with cash or credit card that you have to hand over to the person in the box. The other option, if you only visit one of these regions for a few days, is to pay in cash or by credit card. Make sure you have enough coins and 1-dollar bills because otherwise you can not go any further. Often the toll roads also offer the possibility to pay by credit card.

Please note that you do not just drive on when you drive a toll road, because you are given spicy fines. You will receive an invoice from the rental company after which you pay a penalty to the rental company in addition to the fine of the state.

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