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This is how you find the best camping spots in America

Traveling through America is not particularly cheap but at least very beautiful! You are guaranteed of rugged nature and the most amazing views. America does have 58 national parks. To keep costs down, it is advisable to camp a lot. Think of road tripping with a small camper or just with your tent into the wilderness. That way you sleep in the most beautiful places in America and you also save a lot of dollars. But how do you find those beautiful places?


A website with all camping spots in America

How easy would it be if all public camping sites in America were on one website? That was precisely the thoughts of Alyssa Ravasio, the founder of Hipcamp.com. Through this website you can find public camping spots for every part of America. Often there are even photos so you can see if the place suits you. In addition, there is often also listed what facilities you can find such as a picnic table, toilet or shower and you can also see what activities there are nearby. Ideal right?
Such as…



Yosemite Camping, California


Redwoods Camping, California


Big Sur Camping, California


Unique camping with private individuals

Many large plots of land in America are private property so you can not just set up your tent or camper. With the arrival of Hipcamp.com many people have started to offer their country to campers. This allows you to camp in special locations and earn an extra pocket money. That is sometimes the case with someone in the backyard or right next to a gigantic beautiful lake. People also rent furnished caravans or tents that are permanently on one’s land. There is something for everyone to find. Whether you want your own tent back to base in the wilderness or if you prefer a little more luxury and want to rent an equipped teepee tent!




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