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Everything about backpacking through America

Those who think about backpacking, think mainly of Australia, Asia and South America. Backpacking in Europe is increasingly being done, but is not a standard backpack destination. But backpacking in America? You do not hear anyone about that. Still, backpacking in America is very possible, it is only a little less obvious. And okay, maybe a bit more expensive. But who says that Australia is cheap?


Costs and budget for backpacking through America.

A flight to the east coast you can get around € 500, – with good search, although nowadays you can even see plane tickets from around € 300, – / € 400, – going to New York at Skyscanner. But you have to be flexible, but as a huge backpackers you are, right?
You can also buy monthly passes for the train, many sights are free of charge and youth hostels are not too bad. Unfortunately you can not work in a tourist visa (ESTA) in America, so you can not basically pay for your trip by working in the country.




America is a safe country to backpack, both for women and for men. Do not be surprised if you are regularly approached by Americans, especially if you are very lost with a map along the way. Americans are generally very helpful and really do not mind helping you on your way. Often they even offer you a lift if you do not have transportation. The chance of a free lift on the west coast is actually greater than on the east coast, the people here are generally a bit friendlier and more open to strangers (except for exceptions). About the safety in America is sometimes discussed, but as long as you are not in neighborhoods where the gangs are the boss you have little to fear. And it is not really that they are all waving a weapon! America is one of the safest countries to travel around.




In America, renting a car is the easiest and most common, only renting a car is often very expensive. Especially if you are under 25, you pay underage fee that can go up to several hundred euros. Alternatives are traveling by train (Amtrak) or the Greyhound buses. You can choose to purchase a monthly pass, which allows you to travel unlimited in certain areas. That can be an advantage if you want to see a lot in a short time. The boarding stations for the Greyhound buses, however, are often located in back streets. That does not have to be dangerous, but we can imagine that you might not always like it. Choose the Greyhound bus if you like nature. Are you a city lover, then you better choose Amtrak.




It is not that crazy, but in America you have a lot of possibilities. From complete houses and hotels, to cheaper motels, hostels and youth hostels. And do not forget Airbnb. The only drawback I can think of is that many youth hostels are often full. It is therefore not self-evident that a hostel really has a spot free. As a result, you will be less flexible than in other countries where it goes on to the race to a youth hostel is more obvious. It is of course not bad if you have something more to spend and also occasionally sleep in a motel. A motel does not have to be much more expensive than a youth hostel. And also think of couch surfing, that is not crazy in America either! Check Booking.com for nice and affordable accommodations that you can often cancel last minute without incurring any costs.



Travel areas

West America 

Landscapes and legends draw adventurers to the West, where a good day includes locavore dining, vineyard wine-sipping, Native history and outdoor adventure.

The West region includes the states of:
Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. Read more about this Region (coming soon)



In the heart of the Midwest, there is no shortage of amazing cities – from Chicago to Indianapolis to Milwaukee. But what many don’t know, is that the natural wonders of this region are utterly divine, and must be visited! There are trails to hike and caves to explore, so get going on these.

Covered by the Midwest region are the states of:
Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin



The South was arguably the first region of the USA to be considered that – a ‘region’ of cultural and geographic distinction, defined by its own cuisine, landscape, accent, literature, music and, under-girding all of the above, history – one that is long and beautiful in places, brutal and bloody in others.

The South region consists of the states of:
Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia.


The Northeast

The entire coast of Massachusetts claims a rich history, but no part offers more recreational, cultural and dining diversions than the North Shore of Boston. Salem was among America’s wealthiest ports during the 19th century; Gloucester is the nation’s most famous fishing port; and Marblehead remains one of the premier yachting centers. Trade and fishing have brought wealthy residents, sumptuous houses, and great collections of art and artifacts to the area. Explore the region’s rich maritime history and spectacular coastal scenery, and don’t miss the opportunity for a seafood feast.

The Northeast region includes the states of:
Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont.




The west coast is one of the most visited areas in America and not for nothing! In this region you will find the most large national parks and large cities. Fly cheaply on Las Vegas and from here make a round trip to Los Angeles, up the coast to San Francisco and via Utah and Arizona back to Las Vegas. Do not forget to visit Yosemite, Death Valley, Grand Canyon etc. Even more fun is to add San Diego to your trip, from where you can make a trip to Mexico. A true backpacker’s paradise!



East Coast & Deep South

The east coast is fun to do from north to south or vice versa. You can start in New York (where the airline tickets are often the cheapest) or Boston and then travel down the coast via Philadelphia, Washington DC, Charleston, Savannah (voted the most beautiful city in America!), Jacksonville, Daytona Beach. , possibly Orlando and to Miami. For an ultimate backpacker trip you travel to Key West, but there is no train (anymore) from Miami to the Keys. If you are not a coastal fan, you can also choose to take the train or bus from Washington D.C. to Charlotte in North Carolina or Nashville in Tennessee. Nashville is especially nice if you are a music lover. From Nashville you can continue to Memphis and then New Orleans or Houston. So you take a piece of Deep South with you and learn a lot about the cotton plantations and the former slavery.


Have fun, and let us know whitch wonderful trip you have made!


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