5 Cities that you must visit in America

In addition to the impressive nature, America has even more in store for you: the cities! America has a number of big cities that we think you should have visited!


New York City

Yes, New York. New York can not be missed on this list. New York is the largest city in America and is located on the east coast. Almost ten million people live in New York so you can imagine why this is called the city that never sleeps. In addition to the great high buildings you will also find an oasis of peace in the Central Park. There are a number of things that you should have done or seen as far as we are concerned: Times Square, preferably with old and new, the Statue of Liberty (book well in advance), Brooklyn Bridge, Ground Zero, High Line (a raised park on 9 meters from the ground), Bryant Park and Central Park. Oh and let’s not forget the Empire State Building, although you have a better view from the Rockefeller Center than on the Empire State Building and preferably during sunset …
This is just a small list of what New York can offer you. If you want to read more about New York City … than read this article (Coming Soon)



Los Angeles

Los Angeles, is a city that you must have seen. New York is a city that you can see a thousand times, for Los Angeles you have enough time. Yet there are enough attractions in this city to entertain yourself for a few days. How about a visit to Beverly Hills or Rodeo Drive? Chances are you spot celebrities there. Walk around in Hollywood and imagine yourself in the world of the film industry. Come late in the morning, otherwise you will mostly encounter homeless people. Do not forget to take a dip in the sea at Venice Beach or rent roller skates and roll a bit over the famous trail. One of the nicest things you can do in Los Angeles is by car driving over Mulholland Drive. In addition to the large houses you have the best views of the city from here….
Read more about Los Angeles ( Coming soon )



Las Vegas

If there is one city in this list, it is Las Vegas. Everything that is about to be banned by the American government happens in Las Vegas. From gambling to ladies of pleasure and wild cocktail parties, you’ll find it in Las Vegas. There is no city like this, even though Macau in China is making considerable progress. Stroll across the Strip and see the bizarre theme hotels and casinos. Sail with a gondola through the canals in Venice or dinner in the Eiffel Tower. Do not forget to shoot a game with a gun or zip through the casinos. Las Vegas can not be skipped in America. Even if you do not like gambling, you just have to have seen Las Vegas once …
Read More about Las Vegas ( Coming soon )



San Francisco

The city is often shrouded in fog and where the temperature is significantly lower than in other parts of California. A golden tip for San Francisco: bring a sweater! It is often fresh in San Francisco and then it is nice to have something with you. In San Francisco there are some cool things you can do, such as taking one of the many trams and enjoying the bizarre hills, riding a bike over the Golden Gate Bridge and driving your car as quickly as possible over Lombard Street (or rather: drift!). Lombard Street is a very steep street with sharp bends. Already a special sight to see! What you really should not skip is a visit to Alcatraz, one of the most notorious prisons of America. You have to reserve weeks in advance, otherwise you are unlucky … And that would be a waste of your visit to San Francisco!
Read more about San Francisco ( Coming soon )




Most people know Chicago only from Chicago O’Hare, one of the largest international airports in America. They do not get much further than the departure halls and that is really a shame. Chicago is a somewhat undervalued city, but has many hidden treasures! For example, take a look at the symbol of the city: the Water Tower. You can not miss this building, it is one of the most striking buildings in the city because of its special castle-like appearance. In addition, a visit to one of the highest buildings in the world (in the past) is a must: the Willis Tower. What’s fun in Chicago is renting a bicycle and a picnic basket and then picnicking in one of the many parks, for example in Lincoln Park, which borders Lake Michigan. And last but not least: go make crazy pictures at The Bean in the Millenium Park, a big steel drop. Very nice!
Read more about Chicago (Coming Soon)



If you think there is a great City missing on this list … Please let me know by the comments bellow. I will see if I can add it to this list and expand it further.
Thank you..


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18 thoughts on “5 Cities that you must visit in America”

  1. Iโ€™m excited to read more all about these places. It is definitely a dream of mine to visit America one day (especially New York) ๐Ÿ™‚ If only I wasnโ€™t so afraid of flying.

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  2. I have stayed in NYC for a year, (workshop purpose), though I absolutely love the people there but the city is a bit crowded. I am going to be in LA soon. I have never visited San Fransisco but will plan a vacay there. Vegas I haven’t been because I have that it is way too expensive. A close friend of mine stays in Chicago so I am trying to sift my job there….. My favorite city is California though after Seattle. I have been to Seattle but not to CA. I wish to stay in CA…..

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The cities in these photos have been beautifully captured. I would like to visit all of them. I love travelling to new places and learning all about the different cultures and history.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This is a great list of US cities to visit! I’d also add Washington DC to the list; I love it for all of the history. On this list though San Francisco is definitely my favorite!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I enjoyed your post. I have been to all of the cities that you mentioned and have lived in them all except San Francisco. My job had me working and living in these cities. I now live in Los Angeles and I love it because of the weather. There is so much to do and see in all of the cities that you mentioned.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Everyone in the family has been to NYC except my youngest son. He has been inquiring about it and asking to go for about a year now. I hope to get him there soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

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