The Advantage of working with a Travel Webstite/Blogger

Working with Travel Website/ Bloggers

To highlight a destination or attraction, you can choose to invite a travel website/ blog for a visit so that he or she can write about, blogging and / or posting on social media. But how does a travel website with a blogger work in his work, what are the benefits and what does it cost?


Advantages of a travel website with a blogger

Imagine, you are looking for a nice holiday home. What more value do you attach to:

  •  To a landlord who himself says that his home is amazing
  •  Or to a familiar personal experience telling how fun it was?

That’s exactly how a travel website with a blog works. Bloggers share their personal experiences – not because they find themselves so important, but inspiring and informing others. These personal experiences are taken more seriously by followers than advertisements of the destination itself.

An additional benefit of a Travel website with a blogger is that the information and inspiration is online (not in a newspaper or magazine). Publications do not belong to the old paper, but are found on Google in both the short and the long term. And because there is no complete editing, you can even make advertisement  and blogs with a travel website/ bloggers about when the publications will appear and, for example, give a preference for as soon as possible, only for the next season or spread over a longer period of time.

Additionally, Travel websites with a bloggers are also very active on social media: they do not only produce one or more articles after their visit, but do a live report on social media in the form of pictures and / or videos during a trip. This increases the range and offers opportunities for interaction with their followers. For example, readers can ask questions and get answers, which increases the sense of reliability.

So plenty of benefits to working with a Travel Website with bloggers. It is therefore a foul misconception that travel journalists are professionals and collect Websites of holiday offers with travel bloggers hobbyists. Travel blogs are also a subject. Of course, there are negative experiences of working with bloggers: in both online and offline media, you do not have people who do not behave professionally – like you encounter in all groups of people.



How do you find a good travel website/ blogger?

It is therefore in both groups the art of picking out the “good ones”. Fortunately, with travel websites and blogs, you can easily find out about their way of working: you do not have to search for magazines and newspapers for which they write but can find everything right on their blogs and social media channels – everything is online.

If you’re thinking about working with a Travel website with travel bloggers, you can just follow the candidates you’ve been searching for, go to social media or network meetings. What target group and what subjects do they focus on? How do their publications look like? If the Travel website and  travel blogger’s specialization and target group fit your destination and audience, and if the publications appeal to you, you might be able to get a good deal. Then you can contact and inform you if it’s possible to work together. Many  Travel websites with travel bloggers can send you a media kit with more information about their reach and process.

Note: When choosing a Travel website with a blogger, do not get hold to numbers of followers. If you want to attract a destination to capital-earnest seniors, you have more to travel blogger with 10,000 English-speaking, older readers than to a blogger with 100,000 English backpackers as a backbone.

In addition, the more a Website with a blogger specialist is in a particular region or way of travel, the more value followers will attach to the websites opinion, because they see them as a real specialist. By means of online media, you can focus on your target specifically, and in that group there is a chance that bookings will be much bigger than a wide audience.

(And oh yes, that seniors can not be reached with online media is also not true. Older people may be less active blogs and social media, but (almost) everyone Googles and the search results are full of blog posts!)



What does a Travel Website with a blogger do?

A blogger is a kind of one-man band. During the trip, he or she is extremely busy with:

  • Collect information for the website and blog posts (listen, ask questions, make contacts)
  • Create photos for the website and blog posts
  • Create photos to instantly put on social media
  • Posting on different social media channels; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Ect. Ect.

So make sure that the Website blogger has the time to do it and do not offend when this person is busy with their phone while eating. They are working hard to promote your destination!

To further enhance the impact of that campaign, you can:

  • Ensure good and accessible wifie good and accessible wifi
  • Follow the Website and travel bloggers on social media and enjoy, comment, and share posts
  • Make/plan a hashtag together
  • Choose a Travel Website with a travel blogger that fits the program, or program tuning on the travel blogger, or to give the traveler blogger the freedom to find a fit that fits the blog
  • To make a win-win with the Website with a travel blogger (for example, the blogger can give away lose tickets or a discount code among readers)
  • Build long-term cooperation with the Travel Website with a travel bloggers, so they will become real ambassadors for your destination

Because these Websites with a travel blogger mainly influence the phase in which people are still orientated on a destination, the impact of the website and a blog campaign is usually not directly in bookings, but in brand awareness, online community expansion, and improvement in Google’s position.



How much does that cost?

These Travel Website with Travel Bloggers are their own publishers and therefore do not earn money by selling their story to a newspaper or magazine. But Travel Website with bloggers need money to live and pay the costs of maintaining a blog. So they need a earnings model.

Making money with a Website with a travel blog can be done in several ways, such as:

  • Selling ad space, like in a magazine or newspaper.
  • Publishing advertorials (also known from magazines).
  • Placing affiliate links, where the blogger gets a small commission when someone clicks and then buys or placing a reservation.
  • Selling own products and services, such as footage and texts for others. (After a blog trip, do you want to use the travel blogger’s footage and / or texts on, for example, your destination website? Please consult in advance what’s possible.)
  • Asking for daily allowance to go on a trip
  • Charging costs per publication.

Different Website with travel bloggers are different about this. So make clear arrangements with the Websites you invite. Always keep in mind that Travel website and blogging is work for a blogger, and certainly not a free vacation. In any case, make sure that a blogger does not have to pay his or her own job while promoting your destination.

Do you find it strange to pay for a travel blogger? Remember, it is quite normal to budget for other promotional tools, such as placing ads and renting a stock on a stock market. Compared with these forms of promotions, blogging is still relatively new, but this awareness is increasingly pressing and in some countries it is much more common to pay bloggers.

Whether you pay or not, working with Website with a travel bloggers does not mean you can decide what they write (unless you hire them as a text writer for their own publication of course). Travel bloggers who keep a clear advertising message on their own travel blog lose their credibility with followers, which reduces the impact of the publication. Readers trust them just because of their honesty and personal opinion. You do not pay travel bloggers, for example, to proclaim a particular opinion, but for their work and for access to the network (full of potential customers) that they have built up ( but you can always consult with the Website or travel blogger if you can read the blog before the publication) . Like travel journalists, travel bloggers thus decide how to process their presses and other information collected in a different way to a publication.

But do not worry: if you choose a Website with a travel blogger that fits your destination, makes good arrangements for a blog visits and builds a good relationship, you can assume that enthusiastic stories will come true and that people cannot wait to join and visit you!


Are you interested in a Travel Blog visit from me as owner of a Collect Website of Holiday offers and Travel blogger?

  • I visit the destination free of charge ( You only pay for my trip, stay and food/drinks during the stay) and after such a visit, I will publish one or more blog posts (in consultation with you) on ” Dream Travel 2 America “ free of charge for your hospitality,  for what I found beautiful and special. I will also promote on my website the special holiday destination you have to offer also free of charge, and no commission will be ask  for every shell that is leading from my website.

    Often it costs you no more than € 1500, – for these advertising boots which can be found on the internet forever … I think a very cheaper advertisement, consisting of Amezing Stories, Beautiful Pictures, and Great Reviews about your Holiday Offer….

  • If you like the work together true affiliate links, to promote your special offers and promote your website, then please let me know so we can help each other.
  • If you want selling space or want to publish a blog ( from me or from your own website ), then please contact me.

If you would like more information or make good arrangements, please feel free to contact me for terms and conditions.

You can contact me on my email: dreamtravel2america@hotmail.com



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