Can you rent a car in America without a credit card?

With several car rental companies, it is possible to rent a car without a credit card under various conditions. Realize that it is risky for the landlord to give an expensive car to someone without a credit card, which serves as a back-up for damage or theft.


No credit card in America and still rent a car? Consider the following:

  • Fors longer waiting time at the car rental company; your creditworthiness is checked.
  • Exceptional high deposit, there is no credit card where any damage can be recovered
  • Limited in car choice; a luxury car, SUV or special car you will unfortunately not get.
  • Renting a car without a credit card at an airport location is not possible with many car rental companies


Long story short; you make it much easier for yourself to travel to America with a credit card. Your ESTA application (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) must be paid with a credit card. In addition, the credit card is the number 1 payment method in America.



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