20 Reasons why you must Travel through America

The endless roads, vast landscapes and large packages in the supermarket attract many travelers during their first visit to America. Whether you like wildlife, beautiful weather, challenging hikes, history, world cities or splashing waterfalls: it’s all there. America offers something for everyone as a holiday destination. We mention (only) 20 reasons why you should visit America at least once.


Road tripping

From lonely winding roads to straight highways with up to seven lanes: America is the ultimate destination for a road trip. The view often reaches further than you can watch. Sometimes an oncoming vehicle can not be seen for an hour. Big advantage: petrol costs about ⅓ of the European prices in America.




From the waterfalls, granite boulders and towering Sequoia trees in Yosemite National Park to the sweltering desert in Death Valley: Nature in America is surprising, unique and vast. For colorful hot springs and steamy geysers go to Yellowstone. Would you rather snorkel between tropical fish? Then visit Florida or Hawaii. Do you dream of sailing on an airboat between the alligators? Then the Everglades are waiting for you.




If you can encounter bears, deer, coyotes, bald eagles, whales and killer whales in one holiday, you may wonder if you ended up in the zoo. But nothing is less true. In America these animals live in the wild. For whales you can often join an excursion, such as Cape Cod.




Shopping in America is a special experience. All packaging is large here with a capital G! A party or family size bag of chips? Voilà. A kilo of mozzarella? Around the corner. A bottle with four liters of mayonnaise? No problem. Just decide which flavor you want. The choice is there …



New York City

America has many great cities: Las Vegas, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington DC … But far beyond all the world’s cities, New York City is the icing on the cake. From the Statue of Liberty and the bombastic Times Square to the many high-quality (art) museums and the vast Central Park: you will never get bored.



Amusement parks

Whoever says Florida, says Disney World. In addition, in amusement city Orlando you will find many other theme parks, such as Universal Studios, SeaWorld and Legoland. Are not you in Florida? Also in, for example, Los Angeles and San Diego you will find large theme parks. And what about Dollywood, at the Great Smoky Mountains?




Cowboys and Indians. The American Civil War. Plantation houses. The abolition of slavery. The many presidents. The Declaration of Independence. Need I say more?



Shop ’till you drop

Do you want to throw your last dollars over the bar before you return home? Then visit a Mall. Here you will find all stores under one roof, arranged in a well-ordered manner. You end your day with a donut or hamburger at a food court.



The people

They are curious, warm and helpful. Less fun than to have a chat with your neighbor during a walk or at the campsite. Bet they ask: ‘Where you’re from’ and ‘Where you’re headed?’.

English Classes


The ultimate freedom

In the desolate desert, a vast mountain landscape or on an endless highway, you realize: I am free. During a road trip through America you can actually go wherever you want. You combine the destinations you want to see into one big dream trip. And if you end your day with this picture, you are sure you want to come back here!




America has many large and busy cities. But the country is also rich in beaches. Cruise, for example, over rugged Highway 1, which runs from San Francisco to Los Angeles. On this route you have an amazing view over cliffs and the ocean. In San Diego you can find perfect bays with a really laidback surfing atmosphere, so jump on your board and enjoy the waves. Do you need a little more rest at the end of your American trip? Then go to Santa Barbara, the American Riviera. Here you can fully recover from your experience.



Cowboys and Indians

You probably know that the Indians – the original inhabitants of America – owe their name to Columbus, who set foot on it and thought he would end up in India. The place in America where Indians live is Monument Valley. Here you can follow in the footsteps of the Indians and explore the valley together with a Navajo on horseback.



Stroll across the stars in HollywoodHollywood trip 

Are you a big fan of Michael Jackson, Brad Pitt or Britney Spears? Then you can indulge yourself in Los Angeles. The chance that you really bump into a celebrity is not that big, but you can spot the stars of the stars on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. Also nice: tour in the Hollywood Hills along the numerous star houses.



Tasting ice creams in New England

The New England region consists of rolling hills, pine forests and a varied coastline. The most famous picture of the area – the orange-red autumn colors of the Indian Summer – can be found on almost every postcard of the area. But what can you do here? What few travelers know is that the world-famous Ben & Jerry’s Factory has started in a refurbished gas station in Vermont. Pay a visit to the Flavor Graveyard, where you can taste all the flavors of ice cream that the stores have never achieved. Or stay overnight with the Von Trapp family. Is there a bell ringing at that name? Indeed, it is the family of ‘the Sound of Music’. The family members have established their ‘Von Trapp Family Lodge’ here because the green mountain landscape reminded them of Austria. Far away from modern America the Amish live: people who live as if the clock had stopped in the nineteenth century. Stay in Lancaster in an inn between the Amish and learn all about the traditions and history of this special community.



What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas

In the dark you can see the blinking lights and bright neon signs looming from afar: welcome to Las Vegas. In this metropolis you fall from one surprise to the other. You can imagine yourself in Paris under the Eiffel Tower, in New York at the Statue of Liberty and in Venice as soon as you step into one of the gondolas. But the reason for a visit to Las Vegas is of course the range of casinos. Put on your most beautiful clothes in the evening, walk the Strip and take a gamble in a gambling palace. Who knows, you might walk away as a millionaire!



There are hidden gems to explore

You can hit major U.S. cities and visit popular tourist attractions, but there are many lesser-known places worth checking out too. Along back roads and far out farmlands are small towns and attractions that don’t get the attention they deserve. Small shops, restaurants, and abandoned sites often get passed by because they are seemingly meaningless. But you never know when you could be missing out on the chance to discover a hidden gem among what appears to be a plot of nothingness.

Valley of the Gods is a scenic backcountry area is southeastern Utah, near Mexican Hat. It is a hidden gem with scenery similar to that of nearby Monument Valley.


The food is delicious

Much like the people in America, the food is quite diverse. There are classic American dishes such as fried chicken, macaroni and cheese and tuna casserole, but there is also an abundance of places to find inspired by other countries. Mexican food in the U.S. is not as authentic as it is in Mexico, but it’s delicious nonetheless. Pasta served in American restaurants is not truly Italian, but Italian-Americans and their own special flair to it. Whatever you’re in the mood for, you’ll find it in the USA.



You can’t beat the scenic views

With all the different types of landscapes across the country, there really isn’t a bad view in the U.S. You’ll find mountain ranges, rolling hills, desert cactus, and beaches. There are sunset skies, vibrant greenery, and clear blue waters. No matter where you go in the USA, there is a postcard-worthy view that you’ll want to capture as the backdrop for your next selfie. It’s hard not to stand in awe and just marvel at Mother Nature in America.



America Landmarks

“America the Beautiful” is definitely an appropriate nickname. This country is filled with landmarks and monuments that do more than just add beauty to the landscape – they define America’s nation. These are the places that you really need to see in person during your lifetime. Check out some of the most iconic and all-American sites in the United States, and start planning your trip today.



You’ll experience a new way of life

If you’re only visiting the United States, you won’t get the full experience of living there, but you’ll get a glimpse into the way things are and learn how it feels to be an American, if only temporarily. Being able to relate to people in other countries is a great way to become more compassionate and understanding of different cultures. You might realize that you enjoy doing things the American way or that you don’t want to change the way you live.



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