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America is a country that is often seen as expensive. People on a small budget or who want to travel for a longer period often go to Asia. But you really do not have to! You can also go to America with a small budget. Where cheap travel in Asia is often seen as self-evident, traveling around the United States with a small budget is often a bit of detective work… But it is possible

Cheap Flights!

If you are flexible and you do not care when you fly or how long you travel on your plane, you can often get very cheap tickets on the head. This week, for example, there was an offer through Skyscanner where you flew from Europe to New York for only € 351 with a transfer to Washington Dulles. The expensive airline tickets are often the direct flights or flights with a short transfer time. The cheaper airline tickets often have a longer transfer time, but what is more fun than visiting an extra destination in America? Always look at Skyscanner for the latest offers!

When you are looking for a flight from another continent such as Australia, Asia, South America … even from these continents skyscanner can advise you well…

Looking for Cheap Flights to America



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Save on your accommodation costs!

Also in America you can stay overnight in hostels, although they are often more difficult to find. Also look at Booking.com. Here you can find many affordable ho(s)tels! If you travel with several people, a motel can turn out cheaper. Motels often find you along the main roads and sometimes you can already find € 30 / € 35 per room. If you sleep with two people, it costs only € 15 per person! A good tip is to sleep mainly outside the center, which often saves half. Are you adventurous and not afraid of a night in the cell? Then think of Stealth Camping! More about that later …

Find your hotel or Motel in America





Cheap food and drinks!

The advantage of America is that food and drinks are not expensive. Okay, a meal for a dollar is unlikely to come across, but it does not have to be much more expensive. For example, choose to take a medium pizza with two people. That costs you about 10 dollars in total. The pizzas, however, are so big that it often pays to ask for a doggie bag. You get a part of your pizza in a box. If you like cold pizza, this is an ideal solution. Do you prefer hot pizza? Then go look for a hostel where you can at least warm up your own food in the microwave. Are you lucky that you have a kitchen? Then you can often buy cheap food and drinks in the supermarkets through couponing. Americans are champion couponing and with a little research in advance (for example joining the supermarket or browsing leaflets) you can do very cheap shopping.

Find cheap restaurants





Free Travel!

In America, hichhiking is legal! That means that if you want to reduce costs, you can get free from A to B … Ideal, wright!  Of course there are rules attached to hitchhiking. So you can not hitchhike in areas where prisons are. You cant also not take any lifters with you in these areas. In addition, it is of course important that you stand in a clearly visible place, are friendly and choose a place where a car has the space to stop. Please note that hitchhiking in the west of America will be easier than in the east of America. Furthermore, you have to be a bit flexible, because chances are you still have to walk … Always provide enough gear to be able to stealth campen!
!Keep in mind that hitchhiking are not without risks.



Stealth camping!

Stealth camping is actually just wild camping. Wildcamping is forbidden in almost all parts of the United States, so keep in mind that you are slightly violating the law. Stealth camping means that you mainly camp in places where no one is bothered and preferably as invisible as possible. Often you can buy a tent at the Walmart cheaply. If you get caught by an agent, you are not well hidden! Usually an agent will send you away or throw you in a cell for the night. It is up to you whether you take the risk.



All in all, it should be possible to travel through America for a thousand euros per person. And then you eat luxury


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